Kung Fury

Kung Fury came out on the 28th of May, and i’m writing this after watching the free stream on steam. It’s fairly late at night, but once I started the movie I couldn’t help but finish this 30 minute adrenaline filled thrill ride of pure awesomeness. I’m literally taken aback and despite the movie’s short play time it is likely the best movie that i’ve seen all year.

The hardest part of reviewing this movie is how does one start to talk about the best 30 minutes of their entire lives? I’ll start with despite most movies habits of taking the best 3 minutes of an entire moving and condensing it into a trailer Kung Fury does not need to do this. There is simply too much awesome in this movie to possibly fit it all into a trailer.

Ok so i’ve been pumping up the movie a bit to this point, from a more unbiased perspective it is a fairly quick moving movie which can also be a bad thing for some people. The movie is made to look like an old 80’s cop drama complete with VHS streak marks and lots of satire thrown in. This movie does to the old 80’s cop movies what Scary Movie did to scream, but with a different type of humor.


The story follows our main character “Kung Fury” after a tragic accident where he’s struck by lightning and immediately afterwards bitten by a snake; he blacks out and develops super hero like martial arts abilities. Using his new talent he decides to clean up the streets from the likes of evil villains and a robotic arcade machine that goes on a rampage. There are also many ridiculous things like a triceratops as his partner and a hacker that can send him back in time. Realistically this isn’t the kind of movie you want to take too seriously, but it does have a kind of humor to it that I believe will turn this film into a cult classic. However the movie is fairly violent, and there is cursing through the film so it isn’t something you would likely sit down to watch with your grandmother for instance. Unless she’s into those kinds of movies, then more power to grandma.

Personally I really enjoyed it, but I can see how it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you’re interested in checking it out the 30 minutes movie seems to be offered free around the internet. I guess the kickstarter must have covered their costs, but I can’t presume as to their business model.

Final Verdict: If you were into Scary Movie and really dig the style of 80’s cop movies then this may be the movie for you, but on the other hand if that isn’t the kind of thing that suits your tastes then this movie may not have what you’re looking for.kung fury

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not watching Kung Fury i’m a dj for KSSU


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