The Last Man on Earth: Season 1 (Spoilers)

Untitled-3I recently caught up on the new TV show “The Last Man on Earth” which I have to say really surprised me as being much more enjoyable then I expected. The show is basically modeled after a doomsday preppers worst nightmare. The first episode begins with what we believe to be the last man on earth after the population was wiped out by a disease. The year is 2020 and our main Character Phil just wants to find another living human being. The show starts off a lot like I Am Legend or Omega Man, the only real obvious difference is the lack of zombies and a more comical tone to the show. Our main character runs around the country looking for anyone who might still be alive, and taking anything he feels might look good in his house such as various paintings and dinosaur bones. This is followed by Phil moving into a mansion and taking over the town as any of us might in such a situation.Untitled-2

It’s towards the end of the first episode that Phil is talking to balls that he painted faces on, and has decided that he doesn’t think he can go on any longer when he finds a sign of life. It turns out that there is a woman left on earth, but it isn’t long before he realizes that he may have been better off alone. Shortly after their meeting they get married and try to learn to live together when other people start showing up in the town of Tucson, Arizona. Week after week Phil tends to turn everyone against him, and somehow changes their opinion of him for the better by the end of the episode. This show vaguely reminds of Married With Children, one of my all time favorite shows. Phil is a lot like Al Bundy where he tends to piss off everyone around him yet everyone seems to stick together anyway. Untitled-1

Phil is played by Will Forte(MacGruber, SNL, 30 Rock) and his wife Carol Pilbasian is played by Kristen Schaal(Flight of the Conchords) both of whom I believe were excellent casting choices for this show. It has a sort of quirky humor which I believe is important, especially in a show that involves something as gloomy as the end of the world.

The show might not be for everyone, but i’m eagerly awaiting the next season.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not waiting for season 2 of Last Man on Earth i’m a DJ for KSSU


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