Silicon Valley: Season 2

715660_42152431Season 2 of Silicon Valley is going strong at the moment. I only recently picked up this show, and despite certain negative stereotypes that are perpetuated throughout it has become one of my favorites. If you liked IT crowd you may find this to be an enjoyable show as well, although it doesn’t have the same focus on geek culture it does follow a small start up as they navigate the challenges of making it in the business world.

Apparently the writer of this show used his own experiences in silicon valley to spur the creation of it. Having worked for a few tech startups myself I’ve found the show to be more or less faithful to the experience except for the explosive growth of their company. According to Bloomberg 8 out of 10 business’s fail in the first 18 months, but let’s face it, at the end of the day this is a tv show made for our entertainment.

So if you haven’t been keeping up with the show thus far, Pied Piper is a start up in the land of Silicon Valley which is centered around a compressive algorithm created by the character Richard Hendriks played by Thomas Middleditch(Wolf of Wallstreet) Richard is basically a small fish in a big pond and through the guidance of the awesome Erlich Bachman played by T.J. Miller(Deadpool, otherstuff) he finds a way to keep afloat as he follows his dreams.

Caution there be spoilers ahead.

At the end of season 1 Richard developed a new algorithm a bajillion times better that blew the competitors out of the water. Of course now he’s being sued by those same competitors. Season 2 is the beginning of hunting down new investors which ends up being more difficult then originally expected. With a lawsuit looming no one wants to touch Pied Piper with a 10 foot stick. Eventually Richard goes with an eccentric gentleman as a last resort which leads them into all kinds of ridiculous business arrangements.

There does tend to be some level of drama in the show but that doesn’t distract from the light hearted feeling of it all, no matter how bad things look most of the characters never really seem down about it. Something about that helps the tv show from feeling too serious.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not writing about Silicon Valley i’m a DJ for KSSU


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