Fathers Day at Denio’s


Denio’s is a Flea Market located in Roseville, and if you grew up in the Sacramento area it’s very unlikely that you haven’t heard of this place until now. I have fond memories of going as a chid, and trying to barter with people in what felt like a humongous garage sale. An old childhood friend and I would go to find Yu-Gi-Oh Cards at a large building there, and then we would go and get mini-donuts at another flea market across the street, the vender was this elderly man who had a loud speaker that you could hear as soon as you stepped foot on to their side of the street.

Every once in awhile I’ll get caught up talking about Denios to people i’ve just met and the fact that the mini-donut man isn’t there anymore strikes a chord with everyone. In a sense it’s like losing a part of our collective childhoods, but as society becomes more health goal oriented I suppose a lot of mini-donut men are counting their days. What kind of world will we be living in without these noble men dispensing mini-donuts covered in powdered sugar? I don’t know, and I don’t think I really want to know.


Last Sunday was Father’s Day and Denio’s was having a celebration in the only real way to celebrate a father’s day. They had a Car Show and a barbeque, and I have to say that it was truly an enjoyable experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this car show, but going off some previous experience volunteering at a few other Car Shows I realized the turn out wasn’t usually that great at first so I didn’t expect things to be too great. Boy was I wrong there were about 5 rows of cars and they ranged from the 1940’s through the 1970’s for the most part, and it Even had a few of my dream cars.

Now Denios just doesn’t hold the same appeal as it did in my younger years, it’s still a great place to pick up produce and maybe kill a few hours on a Saturday/Sunday morning, plus there are decent priced movies/games, and I really dig the Lemonade Stand out there. So even without the Car show it’s a decent place if you’re looking for something in particular or just trying to kill a few hours. Maybe it’s lack of mini-donut man or just growing up just changes the way we experience things, but it no longer is that place I really look forward to going to and now it’s the place i’d run down to if I was looking for a cheap movie or a record.

Either way I still dig the place, and I thought the car show was pretty killer.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not at denios i’m a DJ for KSSU


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