Mr. Robot (TV Review)

mrrobotIt seems like everyone is jumping on this technology bandwagon lately, it’s no secret that Computers are advancing at breakneck speeds. But 20 years ago you would have been hard-pressed to find as many movies playing with the idea of evolving technology as we seem to put out in a years time. Now what excites me is that we’re moving away from merely science fiction when it comes to computers, it was all robotic apocalypse scenarios for awhile, but then we started to move a little closer to reality. Hacker movies are starting to become quite popular, or at-least the idea of a hacker is showing up in a multitude of different medias lately.

It isn’t all just Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, these magical hackers who act like hacking into the pentagon is a leisurely Sunday afternoon have become common place. Mr. Robot is a show centered around one such  hacker.

Elliot is a kid who works Cyber Security for a fictitious company known as “E Corp” which he likes to think stands for evil, but throughout the show they start showing banners stating it’s “Evil Corp”. Which sounds a little ridiculous, but here’s the catch. Elliot experiences delusions much in the same way as John Forbes Nash in A Beautiful Mind. So at any given moment what we’re watching could just be something that exists in Elliot’s mind.

The thing is, we don’t know what Elliot see’s isn’t true either, the narration is constantly directed towards the viewer who Elliot believes is just a figment of his imagination. So by breaking the fourth wall he’s also not breaking the fourth wall, which I absolutely love about this show. We also find out that Elliot uses his computer powers for vigilante purposes in his off hours, kind of like Batman if Batman didn’t have any fighting ability and had social anxiety issues.

Eventually Elliot crosses paths with some other hacker who goes by “Mr. Robot” played by Christian Slater(Archer, Robinhood, etc) who nudged him towards toppling all of the major credit card companies. Right off the bat we realize that Mr. Robot may not actually exist which really gives me deja vu of Tyler Durden.

Apparently i’m not the only one excited about this show as it was set to have a second season before the premiere of the pilot. Which is rare to say the least, but it happens obviously. If you’re into computer movies like Hackers or Wargames this might be your kinda thing.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not watching Computer Movies i’m a DJ for KSSU


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