Sliders TV Review

SlidersSo it’s summer, which means catching up on netflix on hot lazy days. Currently i’ve been trying to get through the back end of Sliders which i’ve found to be quite difficult. For anyone not in the know Sliders was a Scifi show dominating the late nineties with cheesey effects and a fairly unique setting. The show centers around people sliding from dimension to dimension trying to find their way home after an accident destroys their home coordinates.

I’ve found the premise to be quite enjoyable, as these actors constantly run into their “doubles” on other worlds, we get to see the actors portray a completely different character and sometimes it can be quite comical. I’ve also noticed that many stars seem to pop up in this show in their younger years. So far i’ve spotted Will Sasso(SNL), Phil Fondacaro(Wilow, SNL), Mark Sheppard(Supernatural), and Tommy Chong.

The idea is that the world that our travelers slide into can be very close to ours or completely different, this has ranged anywhere from people who can fly to dinosaurs roaming the earth as well as a world where time moved backwards. The general idea is that they have to stay in each world until their timer runs out before they can slide to the next world, and if they miss their window for any reason then they’ll be stuck in the dimension for 29.7 years for some reason. Oddly enough Quin left the first dimension he went to before the timer ran out and yet he never seems to do it throughout the rest of the show. It’s not like he has to worry about corrupting his home coordinates again since he doesn’t know them anyway. That’s another thing, in a world of bad scientific explanations in scifi shows I have to say corrupting the home coordinates because you opened a wormhole before some timers goes off is probably one of the most ridiculous things i’ve heard.

The timer is a bit ridiculous too, but it does play a role in building tension for our characters. There are many occasions where they’re racing the clock to find each other or retrieve the timer before the time is over. Putting these small things aside i’ve really enjoyed the show, but at some point the cast seems to get mixed up so much it’s a bit hard to get through.

Although this show may be a little different from your average space exploration show I have found it to be about as enjoyable. If that’s your kinda thing then maybe Sliders is something you may want to check out, but if not then maybe it isn’t the show for you.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not watching Sliders i’m a DJ on KSSU


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