Tapeheads 1988

TapeheadsI’ve been binge watching Netflix lately and I came across a flick with John Cusack and Tim Robbins(Shawshank Redemption) released in 1988 it’s a bit earlier in their career. In the movie they are a couple of security guards who have grown fed up with their jobs and end up cutting loose on a birthday. After trashing the place and making a small music video of the process they’re canned.

Josh Tager played by Tim Robbins takes this seriously as any one would on a day they just lost their jobs, but the less level headed dreamer Ivan Alexeev played by John Cusack finds this to be an opportunity to run off and do what they really want to. So the duo travel through the land of Los Angeles to start their career of fame and fortune. Of course things never go as planned as they the duo attempts to make it big making music videos, but in turn end up stuck doing commercials for free fried chicken(seems like a good deal though.)

The story overall feels a bit whimsical in a lot of ways, as they’re traveling around they come across the daughter of a very rich man who lets them stay in her warehouse for free. It’s there that they develop their new enterprise. Throughout the film the people don’t seem overly serious either, this is a movie where even professional hit men cut loose and end up making their own music video.

Every once in awhile it’s nice to go back and watch something from the beginning of one of your favorite actors careers, and I found this movie to be a comical and enjoyable flick. Not something you want to take too seriously, but something you could throw on in the background while you’re focusing on something else.

My name is Chris Diel, and I watch movies. I also DJ at KSSU


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