Strange New Past by Seth Sentry Album Review

SethSentryIt was one of the old managers of KSSU that turned me onto Seth Sentry and it was his unique sound that really got me interested in him. I’ve probably listened to his album This Was Tomorrow 10 times through already.

Specifically his song Dear Science is what had me excited to hear more by him, it’s a catchy tune that asks science why we don’t have hoverboards yet. Being a computer science major I tend to get a little excited when talk of computers and or science in general is brought up. While being a fan of old and new movies references to Back to the future gets me too. After taking the time to listen to his other work I was instantly a fan, it’s not just the subject matter but his style of music that I really enjoy. Something feels a bit upbeat about his music even when he’s singing about something that seems like it should be sad. There is a sense of optimism I get from listening to his music, and I’m not sure exactly where I get it from, just nothing feels too serious. Now i’m not sure if this is intentional or not, maybe i’m just reading too far into things.

His new album Strange New Past feels darker it feels like i’m listening to somebody else, and after listening to it I feel like i’m walking away with more of a pessimistic view. The music feels angrier as if Seth was working out some frustrations in his music. Now being a bit of a metalhead I like angry music and on occasion I do enjoy the occasional angry hip hop, but it’s just not something I expected from a Seth Sentry album. The album does feel refined though It shows that he put a lot of work into developing the album. It’s also nice to see an artists music evolve instead of having every album sound like the same old same old.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not listening to Seth Sentry i’m a DJ at KSSU


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