Titanfall review

Titanfall copyI’m a little pessimistic about video games in general, not that I don’t enjoy them but I have a habit of losing interest after a few days. Titanfall is one of those games that makes me happy that I decided to take a chance.

If you’ve been out of the loop Titanfall is a first person shooter where you pilot a giant Mech, but unlike Mech games of the past you are not just a Mech on the battlefield. You have the option to eject from your Giant Robot at any time and take to battle on foot. Now as you might imagine fighting outside of your mobile fortress can be risky. These things are roughly the size of a single story building, and can squash our pilots like they’re bugs.

Our pilots are not completely defenseless though, each pilot just happens to know parkour( basically people who can run up walls) and move much faster then the titans on the battlefield. Not only are our pilots much more agile and capable of hiding in places the titans can’t reach they are also all equipped with some sort of anti-titan weapon, these generally fall into some form of projectile explosives.

You don’t actually start off with your titan, but while you’re on the ground fighting your titan is being built, and will be ready after a set time. Of course you don’t actually need to use the titan, if you’d rather run around on foot the whole game you can compete just as well against the titans. They seem to have struck a really great balance between the two options. Each titan has an artificial intelligence built in, and with games of this caliber that may seem like nothing special. The cool thing is you can throw your titan in autopilot while you run around, you basically get the advantage of having a titan without have to actually play from inside of it.

The AI is something that really blows me away in this game too. It’s your basic first person shooter, but our player characters are mixed in with npcs on both sides. The npc’s in this game are actually pretty good at maneuvering. With computer games, AI is something that tends to eat up a lot of resources, and i’m running this game with an xbox 360 so I doubt it’s something that would be capable of performing on this level natively. After playing enough games I’ve started to see patterns with most mobs in video games, the AI is simplistic to save on resources so they tend to aim straight for you, or maybe they might have a random pattern to make things slightly more difficult. I don’t get the same feeling from the mobs in Titanfall, I don’t know how they’re doing it but I can’t tell the difference between the players and the npcs in a lot of cases.

Being from the Nintendo age I don’t really need the graphics to look great to enjoy a game, but the graphics in Titanfall may be my favourite part, it really blows me away. Not only are the graphics great but the game moves quick despite it, sometimes with great looking games you’ll find the mechanics of the game quite sluggish. Though with Titanfall you can really have it all.

To be perfectly honest; with maybe an exception of the chicken leg Robots from Robocop 2, i’m not really a fan of the Giant Robot genre in science fiction. It isn’t a concept that grabs my attention or something I would normally go out of my way for. Titanfall is just so well made that the subject matter doesn’t really matter.

My name is Chris Diel and when i’m not playing Titanfall you can listen to me right here on KSSU


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