DJ Name Pending – Who is this guy?

Hello world, my name is Derek Yorton and I am the one, the only, DJ Name Pending. For the first episode of my show Why Not. I will let everyone know how I came up with my DJ and show name plus much, much more. First, I’m going to first let you get to know the man behind the voice, then get to know the show I will air for you all.

I am a transfer student from Shasta College up in Redding, Ca. I spent two years thinking I was going to be a Music major only to switch to Digital Video Communication Studies and spend another year and a half getting all the prerequisites and my lower-division general education out of the way. Back at home, I have my three year-old daughter, Natalie Rose, who is living with my folks while I’m here at the University. I travel up to Redding at least twice a month if not more in order to see her and Skype with her frequently. I have a busy school life with 16 units under my belt, responsibilities with my daughter and with KSSU, I am also looking forward to rushing with a Fraternity. baby

Even that doesn’t really describe who I am, who I really am. Growing up in Redding, there is nothing to do. You either are at the mall with friends, at the pool hall with friends, or out in the wilderness somewhere camping or muddin’. I didn’t do too much of the latter, I don’t have an obsession with Ford or putting 32’s on it. What I do have an obsession for is both nerdy and cool, information. I am always on my phone or on the computer but not always for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. I love reading into new world, national, and local news stories, looking up things that I don’t know, and writing down ideas for a later point in time. I also have a thing for playing video games, not WoW or DOTA or even League of Legends, but console games like the Batman Arkham series, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls, and my personal favorite the Borderland series. I say favorite because I have a tattoo that references the game pretty hardcore, ask me about it sometimes.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, let’s move on to the show. The show’s name is Why Not and well, I’m going to play anything I want, when I want, and how I want (within reason) because, well, why not. Since I went to college for two years intending to be a music major I have a huge range of music tastes from Electronica to Indie, Metal to Pop, Hard Rock to Classical, and yes even some country. I enjoy supporting the local music scene as much as possible so I am going to be going to local shows and talking about my experience there, I might even have a couple of guest stars. I will be to every single Nooner here on campus until I graduate, you can count on that. I might also be talking a little bit about politics and world news because, well, that’s what I’m into. I don’t know what time my show will be yet, but I’m going to shoot for Thursday’s between 9 a.m. and noon.

Thank you all for reading and sticking with us all here at KSSU, I’ll catch you on the flip side.


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