Day6 – The Day


JYP Entertainment has debut their new boy group Day6  on September 7th. It’s been more than a year and a half since their last group Got7 debuted in January 2014. Day6 is different from any group that has been created by JYP because; Are you ready for it??? They’re a rock band! The members consists of leader Sungjin, Young K (Brian Kang), who appeared on K-Pop star in 2010, Jaehyung, who also appeared on K-Pop Star in 2012, Junhyeok, Wonpil and the youngest, who was added a few months before debut, Dowoon.

If anyone follows KPOP, you might remember YG Entertainment’s reality/survival show, “Who is Next: Win,” where YG’s two team, Team A and Team B went to JYP’s building and had a competition with, at the time they haven’t debuted yet, but Got7 and 5Live. 5Live was none other than our Day6. One thing that I remembered on that episode was that Young K k-k-k-killed it during the rap battle! This was shocking because when it comes to hip hop and rapping, we all knew there was no competition. That’s YG, that’s what they’re basically all about. JYP was more about pop. However when Young K, Jackson (Got7), and Mark (Got7) rapped, let’s just say I had to pick my jaw off the floor. Even Mr. YG complimented!

So I’m going to be honest, when I heard Day6 debuted, I didn’t care. I’m not a rock band type of girl. I’ve heard a couple songs from FT Island and CN Blue, but I’ve never been really into that genre. So a few days ago I was on tumblr and my feed was blowing up with screenshots of Jaehyung’s twitter and I kid you not, I was rolling on the floor, not because I was on fire and trying to put it out, but I was holding my stomach and crying from laughing. I personally dub him Hashtag King. So I fell in love with him at first hashtag and decided to watch their debut music video, “Congratulations.” Still I was like, “Meh.”

Then they posted their live performance and let me tell you… I fell in love with ALL of them! All! The way they sing with so much passion and perfection, I was in awe. In MY personal opinion.. JYP sometimes choose people base off looks and not talent, not that they don’t have talents, just not EVERYONE has talent. But I was completely amazed that everyone in this band was amazing live! AND!!! They’re ALL hot! But… we shouldn’t judge bands by their looks right? Right. *cough cough*

Then, they done did it yall, they posted two more live performance of “Freely”and “Habits, which are songs from their album and I fell in love with them even more! I have this thing where if the band is better live than their studio version, I become even more intrigued.  So I bought their entire album on iTunes… and now here I am, I am officially Day6 trash. Complete and utter trash. I’ve literally listened to nothing but their album, on repeat, for the last 5 days and I still can’t get enough.

Breakdown of each song in my opinion:

1.) Freely

  • Fun hyped beat right from the beginning and then the chorus hits and it makes you want to flail your arms around as you hop up and down.

2.) Out of My Mind

  • My personal favvvvv! It starts out with a steady catchy beat making you tap your feet and bob your head then the chorus hits and it makes your lift your fingers in the air and jam to their power vocals….Woo!

3.) Congratulations

  • This definitely deserves to be their title track. You really get a taste of their potential talent. You can hear the ranges of their voices and also you can feel the emotions in their vocals and that itself is awesome.

4.) Habits

  • Upbeat and chill. Love the chorus! Every time the beat hits, my head always nods with a boom! Wonpil and Junhyeok’s voices really stands out a lot in this song, I loved their parts so much.

5.) Like that Sun

  • Chill vibe. Probably my least favorite, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good! It’s good. Just not AS good as the others.

6.) Colors

  • Warning: Do not listen to this song at night in the dark, by yourself with headphones/earbuds on. JUST DON’T DO IT! Dudeeesss…. so many feelzzz listening to this song. How are they going to put an album of all happy-dance-worthy songs and hit you with this heart wrenching last song. It just HAD to be the last. But yes, POW to the heart. POW!

I hope you guys give these fellas a chance! I will most def be playing them on my show! Keep a look out!



-Ronarockss is a dj with KSSU



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