New Semester, New Person?

2015-09-21 19.36.39

Not Angie, an actor portraying her in a Dramatization.

We are rolling on into our 4th week in this brand spanking new semester. By now we have adjusted to our new schedules, found a club we want to join and hopefully made some new friends that don’t make us want to hurl.

So far I would say that this is a great start to this new fall season that we are entering in to. But isn’t it exhausting to keep having things change? Sure it could be a new semester with new people but are you the same person who you were before last semester? That is a hard question to ask yourself, so I will start off by telling you who I think I am. My name is Angie Kagianas and I am currently a senior (hopefully) here at the beautiful Sac State. I hail from a place called Chicago, Illinois (please do not pronounce the S at the end. We hate that) and grew up there for a grand total of 21 years.

My life consists of family, work, school, family and friends. I had to throw family in there twice since the majority of my time is spent talking to them or talking about them. I am new to KSSU and have loved every minute of it so far and am eager to be putting out some groovy beats through the airwaves in a couple of days.

Hobbies include watching as many movies as I can get my hands on (most of the time its Harry Potter), I fish, ski and love to read. My main attribute that contributes to the totally-awesome- cool person I am would have to be my modesty. Nah, I am just kidding. Although I like to think I am a totally-awesome-cool person I am mostly just an awkward person who throws positivity around like its confetti. When I talk 9o% of it is made up of movie quotes that have embedded themselves in my brain. What is the other 10% you may ask. Well that’s mostly composed of me laughing and then throw in some useless fun facts and a couple of jokes and you have my common day vernacular. So there you go , I am an awkward 22 year old that enjoys watching movies, hanging out with my family, quoting movies and just being my normal weird self. Have I always been this way though? I like to think that I have grown more and experienced more but I haven’t.

In my life I have just learned to adjust to new responsibilities that have forced their way into my life. That is what I believe changes us the most, I know that’s what changed me. New responsibilities that forced me to adapt to a new environment and break through my comfort zone. Unfortunately, this Angie that I described is different from the last semester Angie but fortunately she has the same attitude. Even though change is inevitable and it can be rough sometimes I think we need to see where it takes us and who we become out of it. The attitude you have towards your new responsibilities is what keeps you afloat. And sure change is exhausting but its never going to stop no matter how hard you try.

So may I part you all with this little tid-bit, Life is tough, wear a helmet.

Angie is a DJ with KSSU


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