BANGTAN BOYS – Highlight Tour (San Francisco)


Hello All!!!

Last Tuesday, I was FINALLY able to see one of my all-time favorite KPOP groups, Bangtan Boys (BTS) in San Francisco!!! I was so sad when I was not able to go to their “The Red Bullet” concert because it sold out in literally 2 minutes! *CRIESSS* TGM Entertainment (Organizer) didn’t tell us many details about the event besides that there would be a performance, autograph session, hi-touch, and group photo. I’m actually not into the members as most fans were because I actually love BTS for their music and not the members, but my dear friend, who’s life ultimate favorite group is BTS, was the one who bought me the VIP tickets and at first I was hesitant because I didn’t care about all the perks, I just wanted to see them perform. The only people I was excited to meet were Suga, Rap Monster, and J- Hope, because their skills blows my mind!

This is a blurb of my experience

Autograph session:

After picking up our wristband at Holiday Inn, we had to walk back over to Nourse Theater. There were two opposite lines that wrapped around the theater on both sides, one VIP, and the other for general admission. As I entered the door for the autograph session, THEY WERE FREAKiNG RIGHT THERE! Right in the front, sitting at a long table and smiling beautifully to the fans as they signed their posters. I freaked out a little, OK I lied, a lot, because I really didn’t expect to have any feeeelz when I saw them what-so-ever, like I said, I was more into their music, but just seeing them in real life evoked all these emotions. Like I kept jumping up and down because I was so excited, I was probably one of the oldest one there and the least calm. HAH! …I wish I was cool sometimes…

Going down the line with each one as they signed my poster, they were all quiet, it’s probably the language barrier. They all look even more gorgeous in up-close, like HOW IS EVERYONE’S SKIN SO CLEAR?! What product do you guys use?! I just told each one I love them, but when I reached Suga, I said, “I love you,” a bit more shyly because he’s my favorite. He smiled and did a double take at my arm and pointed at it with his pen and FREAKIN said, “Nice tattoo” IN THE MOST-COOLEST TONE EVER!!!!! You guys don’t even know how much I squealed! (Of course, only after I stepped out the door). This fool, he is the “cool-laid back about any one” guy in the group!!! Like, for him to say that to me, ME! This one right here! *points finger at myself* IT. WAS. WOW. I even posted what he said on Tumblr and someone actually even asked, “What tattoo do you have for him to say that to you?” Because yes yall, it was LIKE. THAT. Yall get the drift. Ok, i’m getting all excited again…. *inhale, exhale* On to the next…


I came in with the expectation of 6-8 songs. They only performed 4! 4! *pouts* They were great live, but I just expected more songs. They performed N.O., DOPE, Boy in Luv and I Need U. I can seriously watch them dance and sing forever. However after the last song, they just said an insincere thank you and a quick bye and just got off the stage. Most performer would say some sort of speech, but they didn’t. EVERYONE thought it was a joke and were confused until they turned on the lights in the auditorium and asked everyone to line up for the hi-touch. That was so weird…

Hi-Touch / Group Photo

This was probably the most hectic because all 1000+ people get hi-touch. What bugged me a little was that they changed from 8 people per photo to 25 people per photo! It was less intimate. The line took forever, probably an hour, but I didn’t mind, I was able to talk to people in line around me and I swear almost every KPOP concert I’ve been to, the fans are sweetest and friendliest! I mean there are fandoms who are rude, but that’s another story. So in the end I was able to high five them all and take a group picture! Heck, to me that’s awesome in itself. (But what Suga said, takes the cake!)

All in all:

It was an awesome experience for me! Fans were mad at TGM because the whole event was super unorganized. People didn’t have their seats, because they gave out double seat numbers, lines were screwy, and a couple of out-of-hand fans. But hey, the organizer were the one who brought them here! International fans aren’t as lucky as Asian fans, so I’m grateful for the opportunity to be able to meet them and watch them perform live. I can’t wait until their next real concert, I’ll be sure not to miss it next time!


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