Little Green Who??

AbsoluteZero little green carsi

Stale music seems to have taken control of our minds. Well that might be too dramatic but it seems true. Music that keeps playing on the radio that seems to blend in with the same monotonous tunes that have been played before. The freshness is taken out of our tunes and that is a startling thought to have floating in our minds. Our generation of music seems to have been lazy; forcing its unoriginal beats and computer generated tunes into our lives . The musty cookie-cutter tunes that seep through our airwaves and into our ears drones on making it seem impossible to find that one artist that changes everything. That one artist that cuts through that mainstream staleness and brings a fresh breeze through our brains. Revitalizing bands and artists like that seem to be rare, especially in times like now when you feel like you’ve heard one song you’ve heard them all. Fortunate is how I feel when thinking about my unconventional music. Sorry, Taylor Swift but you’re not it.

To escape the stale air that our radio stations play I find myself searching for that band that will break me free from the dry harsh music world we reside in. On my musical safari, if you will, I have encountered a band that has aspired to everything I hope it would. A low key band that excels in harmonizing vocals along with melodic acoustics that are emphasized by the rhythmic drumming and a soothing bass. This one of a kind band embraces you with their poetic lyrics that nestles themselves into your heart. You don’t come across bands such as this everyday. Consider them like a rare bird, you are in awe of them and can’t get enough of trying to find them. Little Green Cars is my very own rare bird. They cut through the staleness with one fell swoop.

I first encountered Little Green Cars while watching the one and only, Jimmy Fallon. They were about to play the Late Night Show and I didn’t give them any thought. They enthralled me in their song Harper Lee, the first track on their album, Absolute Zero, which pushed me to hear more. Soon after watching the fabulous Jimmy Fallon, I took to the internet to find out more about this exquisite rare bird. Little Green Cars hails from Dublin, Ireland and consists of 5 superstar members. Their first album was released in 2013 and has a grand total of 11 songs that incorporate their folky melodic tones with subtle yet strong harmonies.

Absolute Zero contains songs that will stick in your brain that leaves you craving more. The John Wayne (track 8) reels you in with its crisp light beat and then consumes you with its turn in rhythm. The poetic lyrics pouring out  and portraying how easy it is to love but how hard it is to be loved back all while the sound caries you from one beat to the next. The folk-alternative music that has been put out there by this rare band has lead them to a U.S. tour. With Hozier leading the tour they find themselves on the opening stage. The next concert they will be at near the Sacramento area is at the Greek Theater in Berkeley. I find myself fortunate to say that I will be there, front row (hopefully) fulfilling my dream of seeing them live. Give this band a listen and you won’t regret it.

Angie is a DJ with KSSU; listen to her.



  1. What a great article!!! But I would say that as I’ve been saying something similar for years!!!
    I hope they play well in Berkeley but they are at their absolute! Best playing stripped down gigs in small venues. I saw them play in a former church recently and they were magnificent.

    Some of the songs they are playing from the soon to be released new album sound so good.

    Enjoy The Greek Theatre. Wish I was going

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