Becoming DJ JAWS


May I begin by saying it is an absolute honor to finally become a radio DJ. Ever since I was a kid, I grew up listening to the radio, usually during long road trips with my parents. I wanted to be the person behind those airwaves to orchestrate a well balanced musical journey. Music is what makes people come together, as cliche as that sounds. Every store you enter has music; every night club and bar is nothing without that rhythm. I wanted to release that same energy through the airwaves and have fun doing it.

I love being behind the scenes, which is why my major is Film Studies. I am currently working towards becoming a film editor.  Just like radio, movies have been with me through my entire life. Jaws happens to be my favorite movie, which is why I named myself DJ JAWS. And if you ever meet me in person, you could tell it would be my favorite movie based on my entire right arm. An (almost) complete tattoo sleeve of the great Spielberg movie.

Most of my taste in movies and music have a wide variety, which I find is common for most people. Some days I like the slow, melodramatic taste, while other days I like the upbeat tempo. My family has given me this variety which I am every thankful for. From Slipknot to Led Zeppelin to Frank Sinatra, my collection is always entertaining and has something good for everyone.

This variety and also my desire to try and please everyone with different entertainment is a good reason to listen to my show. My show adds that diversification by being surrounded by different flavors of music. Some weeks I will play oldies and classic rock, and other times I will play old school hip-hop. I hope to add a certain mood that listeners can appreciate.

I also work at Dimple Records and every time I mention this, I always get the same reaction which is, “Oh my God I LOVE Dimple Records!” We are even recognized by random customers at gas stations and shops, shouting at us that they love us and our store. This is never a bad thing and we take pride in our customer service. I can honestly say that working at Dimple Records has been my favorite job. Myself and another old co-worker actually got the Dimple logo tattooed on ourselves. That my seem extreme to get a job tattooed on you, but to get to work at a job you love everyday and discover new music and movies is an experience many should have.

I hope others like what I can put out on over the radio waves, and land some fans along the way. Either way, to finally be behind the scenes of what I always dreamed about doing since I was a kid is just another dream come true. Maybe I will have to add the KSSU Sparky mascot to my tattoo collection next to the Dimple logo. Remember, “Insanity Begins Here!”

DJ Jaws is a dj with KSSU

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