My First Impression of “M3LL155X” by FKA Twigs

FKA TwigsHey all you KSSU lovers out there. This is Brandi Marie, host of your favorite Indie & Hip Hop show, Eargasms & Glitter Showers & I am back with another blog. So, today I had the opportunity to listen to FKA Twigs’ new EP “M3LL155x” (Melissa) so I thought I would share my thoughts with you all on her latest music. FKA Twigs is a name that I have heard frequently in the past couple of years, however I have not really had a chance to get into her music. The only song of hers that I am familiar with is “Video Girl” from her album “LP1” and I believe that I played it on my show last semester. So I have decided to check out her latest EP & see what the buzz is all about. Who knows? Maybe you will hear one of these tracks on Eargasms & Glitter Showers Next Tuesday at 4!

Track One: Figure 8

This was an interesting (to say the least) way to begin the album. The song begins with an ambient atmosphere, as many of her songs do. When the beat drops, so do her vocals. She shows off her higher voice in this track. The beat reminds me of a scary movie. If this were an instrumental track, it could be the theme song of the next season of American Horror Story. Towards the middle of the song, the ambient noise returns over the broken drum patterns and there are vocals that are barely legible that sound distorted. Following this, you can hear her vocalizing over the chaotic, yet somewhat calm music. If I wasn’t in the mood for Halloween before, I certainly am getting there listening to this track.

Track Two: I’m Your Doll

The second track continues that American Horror Story feel. In the introduction of the song, there is barely any music as Twigs sings about how she doesn’t want her man playing with dolls (referring to “dolls” as other women) because it makes her jealous and drives her crazy. When the music kicks into high gear, you can hear distortion and irregular drum patterns, much like Figure 8 had.

Track Three: In Time

By the time I had reached this track, I had gotten used to the fact that this entire EP was going to have this dark theme going throughout it. I’m not complaining or anything, but I will say that these tracks are beginning to blend together. There isn’t much difference between them. This track has the same qualities as the two before it, however the tempo is a bit faster and she sings more in the middle of her voice. She doesn’t sing high or low. She sings right in the pocket of her voice and she sounds great. This song basically talks about how in time, her boyfriend is going to eventually start treating her right. I’m guessing there is some sort of story going on with the album. On to track four to see what the next chapter is!

Track Four: Glass & Patron

The song begins with the sounds of glasses clinking together and I think somebody is playing the water glasses? If so, that’s an awesome play off of the song title and it actually sounds rather enchanting. Once again, we’re in the American Horror Story score sounding songs. She is using her higher voice singing sultry lyrics about how alcohol makes her dance sexy and how she wants her boyfriend to take her in this moment. The song tempo changes from slow to fast which has an interesting sound to it that I actually enjoyed quite a bit. It was nice to have a higher tempo song on this EP when so far, everything has been slow and mid-tempo. On to the final track!

Track Five: Mothercreep 

This last track contains the elements of all of the other tracks, but in this track you can hear her singing more legibly. You can hear the emotion in her voice as she sings about how she will “be there soon”…wherever “there” is. She plays with the highs and lows in her voice with this song and I enjoyed it a lot. I found myself nodding my head in the chorus as she repeated “creep mothercreep mothercreep mothercreep” over and over to the beat. I found this to be one of the more catchy tracks and it ended rather suddenly, leaving me wishing there were more to it.

Well, that was interesting. She’s definitely got her own sound and it should be heard. Tune into to hear if she will be played on one of our shows.Thanks for reading, guys. Until next time!

xoxoBrandiMarie. ❤

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