Jenn Bocian – Watch (Album Review)

n74w4e8kThis is my own personal thought and opinions of  new album, “Watch”

First here’s the breakdown of each song.

  1. Watch

When it first started playing the electronic beat, it made me bop. Then her voice came on, and it was strong and I was digging it. Then she started to rap? Then I was like no…. BUT THEN!!! The hook starts playing and a random sitar comes into play… Then a reggae guy comes on! WHAT?! I’m so… like what?! …I can’t.

  1. Something Special

The bass that starts the song is a good and the beat is very rock n roll with a bit of electronic in it. I love the bass that hits, but the beat and the lyrics becomes repetitive after a while. It’s like they threw so much craziness the first track, they thought hey, we’ll calm them down with this track.

  1. All Your Goodness

It took me back into the 1920’s days with the jazziness of it, but with an R&B vocal. Then she hits you with a crazy hip hop electronic instrumental towards the end. It’s like you can’t expect the norm, you just can’t.

  1. Last (EDM)

Full on EDM, but her voice sounds more seductive than powerful on this track. Sadly no surprises on this track except the emphasis on the eff-word. She doesn’t sing as much, but the beat, I must say is good. I jammed to it.

  1. La La / Zeeazazoo

Jazzy feel again but with a bit of hip hop / R&B similar to track 3, All Your Goodness, but not much emphasis on the jazz. It’s probably my second favorite in the album.

All in all, this album is a definitely different. I mean I can appreciate what they’re trying to do. I feel that they’re trying to incorporate hip hop with electronica and throwing in some jazz, reggae, maybe a bit of ethnic beat, however it just left me so confused with this album. Again, maybe it’s just not my thing! That’s the beauty of music… To each their own.


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