Introducing DJ Freedom

BW DJ Freedom for printGreetings KSSU blog readers!! My name is Freedom. I am a transfer student from Redding, CA. This is my first semester back on campus here at CSUS Sac State!! It has been a struggle to find my sea legs on campus. My only saving grace is I love school and I’m a good student. My passion and determination to finish my Bachelors degree drives me daily to do my best. When I was at the new Student Orientation I found KSSU and I applied to be a DJ. Out of all the clubs on campus this arena caught my attention. I have enjoyed the atmosphere and the great group of people who are a part of the team. They are fun and accepting, a new experience for me with a group of new people!!
I am a mother and grandmother and I am also the first generation to attend a University. A trend I hope and pray that will continue with my children and my grandchildren. I come from a checkered past and I have had to work extra hard to continue my educational path. Having finally made it to the University level I try to remain focused and grateful that I am here. The Professors are challenging and scary as each course starts, but I am finding that as I do my homework, each course seems to get a little less stressful. Although mid-Terms are on the horizon, but I’ll deal with that when it comes.
My radio show is a place where I can share my hope and music that has inspired me. It is my heart to share my experiences on campus with other student and those listening in hopes that my struggles and positive outlook will help others. The Name of my show is DJ freedom “Cares”. It may seem hokey but if it were not for others caring for me on my life’s journey I would not be here. I want to use my life’s experience to show others that they are not the only one who struggles and there is hope. My firm belief in the Gospel of Jesus keeps me grounded daily and gives me a perspective that overrides the fears of daily life.
The goal of my show will be to bring that perspective to air in hopes that someone will be listening that needs the encouragement I have to give. I hope you listen and enjoy what it is that I have to give. I look forward and welcome feedback and would like to someday have a radio talk show. Thank you KSSU for the opportunity to have a voice and I hope I find a voice that inspires and gives hope to those listening!! Listen Fridays at 5-6 PM
Blessings, DJ Freedom a DJ on KSSU



  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Lil Sis…you continue to ROCK… listen people to the voice of experience this girl has to share! Blessings friend!

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