Ray on the Radio

MicrophoneHello there KSSU listeners.  I am DJ Ray (although most of the time I omit “DJ”). Here I will answer the most common and basic questions in getting to know someone: what my major is, where I am from, why did I become a volunteer DJ here at KSSU.  I will also be letting you know a little about what my show is about.

First off, my major is Communication Studies with an emphasis in Digital Video. I am technically a senior, but I still have a few semesters left here at Sacramento State.  The reason for this is I underwent not only a major change, but a change in universities.  I stared college at UC Davis with an intended major in Aerospace Engineering.  As you can guess…that did not work out. Sacramento State wound up being an excellent fit for me instead and I wish I would have transferred sooner.

Whenever someone asks me where I am from, my usual response is just “Southern California.”  The reason for that is because I am from a REALLY small town in SoCal that most people have never heard of.  That is usually sufficient for those who do not know SoCal very well. For those that do, I am from Lucerne Valley, a small desert town between Big Bear and Barstow, close neighbors with Apple Valley and Victorville.

Growing up I rode both horses and quads, what I like to call “the best of both worlds.”  I grew up listening primarily to country and bluegrass, with maybe a little rock thrown in once in a while.  After moving 300 miles to attend college, I expanded my musical palette with blues, rock, and electronica/EDM.  There is something about the sonic magic that music creates that I really enjoy.

I have a few shows under my belt already.  My hour long show, Ray on the Radio, is every Wednesday at noon.  If you have tuned in during lunch, then there is a chance you may have heard me on air.  Hold on, so maybe you HAVE tuned into my show, but, you have noticed I only play rock. Why is that?

Rock, and all of its subgenres, has turned into the primary genre I listen to.  As I said, when I came to college I expanded my musical palette.  Country was just starting to “go pop” and I stopped listening so much.  I took a History of Blues course for units to make full time status and I REALLY enjoyed the course and started exploring from there, rock being a natural progression. The expressiveness of rock ended up defining me better at the time and I haven’t stopped since.  In my show I might play some blues, classic rock, metal, and everything in between.

After transferring to Sacramento State, I took an Audio Production course I found that I really enjoyed being in the studio.  Though being a radio personality/DJ is slightly different than producing, the environment is the same. I decided to give KSSU a shot and have no regrets in doing so. KSSU is awesome.

Next time you are in the union and it is around noon on a Wednesday, feel free to wave through the window!

Raymond is a dj with KSSU


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