Midnite Mayhem


Getting straight to the point, Safe In Sound left many music lovers disappointed this last Friday night when they weren’t allowed into the venue. Doors opened at 7:00 pm, and from what other ravers told me, capacity was reached by 9:00 pm. Many people were still showing up at later hours of the night, but sadly for them, they were left at the door. Having been among those that couldn’t get in, I got to experience firsthand how badly this venue was unprepared.

I was looking forward to Safe In Sound all Friday long. Having recently discovered the beauty of EDM, I was ecstatic to see what new tracks I would come across. Sadly, all I got was a night of dead air. I arrived at the Memorial Auditorium with my bud Abe ready to experience a night full of positive vibes and great beats. The line wasn’t too bad, so we waited in excit ement talking with other ravers until we got to the door. That’s was when our night took a turn for the worst.

As we approached security, I told them that we were on the guest list, and they directed us to where said list was supposed to be. When we got there, staff told us that we had to wait outside until the list was found. Apparently they had lost track of where it was, and those that claimed to be on it were escorted back outside until the list was found. We went back out thinking that it wasn’t going to take long for them to find it. After thirty minutes of waiting, I went back up to the security and asked them if the list was found. He directed me back in to talk to someone in charge. When I was addressed, I was told that there was no guest list.

Puzzled by what I had heard, I explained to them that I was there on the behalf of KSSU to cover the event. Having disregarded what I said, I was told once again to wait outside to see what they could do. There were many other people with us waiting outside anxiously to get in. The night grew longer as we had waited an entire hour without any updates as to what the situation was. After that hour, more people showed up, and they were in the same boat as we were. They weren’t let in and were told to wait by the grass just as we were. Eventually, they were only letting in people that had a paper copy of the ticket. Those that had them on their phones were denied access. From what security had heard and told us, they said that only people with paper copies were being permitted in since people were faking the emails.

Needless to say, a group of us were left outside with the buzzkill that we weren’t going to have the night we had planned. Those of us that waited outside stayed strong, hoping to see something happen in our favor. We waited until midnight and still weren’t allowed into the event. I approached one of the promoters so that I could ask what was going on and if we were going to be let in. He asked me where I got my ticket from, and I told him that we were on the guest list. His words to me were, “Waiting list is least priority,” and then walked off. If you ask me, I don’t think that’s something that people want to hear after waiting patiently for two hours to get into the event. We were neglected and left outside without any hope of getting in. At some point I showed them the screen shots of the email from the promoter that reached out to us to cover the event. They told me that they were going to get in contact with said person and have her come out to see what could be done. I never heard back from anyone and was left waiting once again. Sadly to say, Abe and I never made it in. We stayed until the event ended at 1:00 am and left when security told us that we couldn’t stay there anymore. Not a good first impression with Midnite, and I doubt that I would ever want to attend any of their future events.

However, not all was bitter that night. The one thing that kept us with a smile on our faces was the PLUR vibe that was being shared among those that stayed with us. We shared stories of other events we went to and the ones that were still to come. Ravers traded kandi and interacted with each other in such a way that kept positivity going strong. At some point of the night, we all huddled together and took a group picture before we all headed our ways. Even though most of us didn’t get in, we made the most of the time we had with each other. Friendships were made and the PLUR vibe was kept strong.

When Alejandro is not busy sitting outside of a club, he is a DJ at KSSU

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