DJ Freedom “Cares” Bringing Hope New Show Time Fridays 7 – 8 PM

DJ Freedom FlyerGreeting KSSU listeners. I have been enjoying my new DJ experience. It has really brought out a new creativity and thought in my personal life. I am CHANGING time slots for Fridays 5- 6 PM to 7-8 PM!!! I have had a great response to my show however the time slot was difficult for most to listen. I realized that this commute time, dinner time and very busy time. So i am changing it to a later time in hopes of reaching more listeners. I have also finally finished my DJ Flyer and they will printed soon so I can spread the word of my new show!!

The format I have chosen is to be bold and declare and share my faith to those listening. Although I do play some classic rock most of my playlist is christian music. So far from my friends that are listening at home they have been extremely blessed and this encourages me to reach more listeners. My faith in God and all that He stands for is who I am today. If it weren’t for Jesus and the grace I have found I would not be here today. I would have died long ago.The strength and hope that I have found in Jesus give me the ability to continue down this path called life.

It is my heart to share hope with the hopeless to encourage the desperate and lonely that they are not alone. I not only understand but can relate and want to share my experience, strength and hope to others. Each week I chose a topic to discuss. So far I have shared about gratitude, grief and joy. It all depends on what’s going on in my own life for that week. I am very transparent and believe that with sincerity and true experience others can be encouraged in their own lives.

I will be opening the phone lines in hopes that listeners will call and participate in the topic of the week. The goal of my show is to have an interactive radio show. It is a big goal and we will see how this is going to work.I truly put my heart and soul into my show. My heart to help and bring hope is a burning passion that I carry deep within me.


So tune in to on Friday Nights 7 – 8 PM and give my show a shot!!

Blessing to you and yours….DJ Freedom

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