U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album

U Sun EunU Sung Eun: Mini 02 | Date released: 2015.10.12

Thoughts: At first, I was looking for more new Korean music to listen to. I didn’t care what type of genres, so I happened to come across U Sung Eun’s 2nd Mini Album when I saw her cover. She looks interesting because of her title, “Nothing”. I was just wondering how she would sound like and when I listened to this album, I was surprised that how come I didn’t noticed her past songs until now. I wished that I could have heard her before, but I didn’t. To be honest, hearing U Sung Eun for the first time impressed me. Even if the language is unfamiliar to most ears, she holds attitude in her voice brings the songs out even more. U Sung Eun chose great music to fit with her R&B voice.

About the Artist: Yoo Sung Eun (or U Sung Eun) participated in 2012 MNET’s ‘The Voice of Korea’; the Korean version of America’s the Voice. She came in second place in the contest and made her debut (song: “Be OK”) into the music industry in July 2013.

Review: U Sung Eun released this mini album Mini 02 contains her R&B and Soul style. She recaptures a new sensation feel in the industry for the month of October. This album is full of emotions that fit well in the Autumn season; the season where everything can start new. In other words, since Autumn is the season where school starts, it’s a new beginning for most people because they come new as students or they are adjusting to a new college life, just like the spring time. I found her music flows in the sense of the “fall” season. Her songs are well with her strong voice vibes through the lyrics. Recommended Tracks: 1, 4, 5, and 6

The lyrics of “Nothing” expresses a breakup between a couple and the memories they had, which are now worthless. U Sung Eun plays as the heartbroken girl in the music video who sits down in the kitchen with a chef. In the scene, the camera focuses on the food dishes are being cooked for audience to see. The significance, which I believe, shows a new happiness she can look forward to instead of just thinking about her breakup. At the end of the video, she is able to have a smile when she has a first bite of the dish. The smile represents the end of her slow sorrow. (Check out the Music Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=laY_bhwpDBM!)

Term: Mini Album: A half album that usually consists with five to six tracks only.

Track list:

  1. Nothing (ft. 문별 of 마마무) | Translation: Nothing (ft. Moon Byul of Mamamoo)
  2. 일이 먼저지| Translation: Work Comes First
  3. Fix Me (ft. 루이 of 긱스) | Translation: Fix Me (ft. Louie of Greeks)
  4. 아차피 한번은 아파야해 (E. Piano Version) | Translation: You Need to Get Hurt Once Anyway
  5. 오늘밤에 뭐해요 | Translation: What Are You Doing Tonight?
  6. Nothing (Live Session Version)

By the way, since this month the month for Turkey craze, this music video is perfect for that. The food in this story shows the happiness that brought U Sung Eun to smile. So, listen to this mini album and feel grateful for the upcoming holiday.

Alex is a dj for KSSU

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