Tae Yeon 1st (Solo) Mini Album: “I”


Tae Yeon 1st Mini Album: I | Date released: 10.05.2015

Track list:

  1. I (Feat. Verbal Jint)
  2. U R
  3. 쌍동이자리 (Gemini)
  4. 스트레스 (Stress)
  5. 먼저 말해줘 (Farewell)
  6. I (Instrumental)

Everyone’s who has been waiting for her solo, she is finally here! Tae Yeon, member of Korean (girl) group, Girls’ Generation (also known as SNSD) has finally released her first solo mini album, “I” last month! This album has five tracks, including an instrumental of the title track, “I” that expressed emotions that show stories of finding oneself, love relationships, and being stress free. Tae Yeon was able to pull off her Girls’ Generation image away and able to show a new side of her. The innocent, yet free spirited described through the songs and lyrics, which some tracks she contributed to the lyrics.

Aside from all of the songs she sang in Girls’ Generation and drama soundtracks, Tae Yeon has challenged herself for new music style and voice adjustments.

For her title track, “I”, she expressed the freedom that she can finally feel after all the pains she had to faced. Thanks to rapper Verbal Jint who was featured in this song brought the strong, advising words the moment he starts with the drums starts. In this song, Tae Yeon’s voice has been adjusted to a high pitched note. When she sang as in group or soundtracks, she always had the low and mellow melody in her. The beginning where she begins to say, “sky” to “I” and to “fly”, the notes she send are different from how she usually sings. For this track, it gave her the chance to reach for a higher goal with a different pitch, which I found interesting.

Track 2, “U R” is the combination of a piano, violin, and Tae Yeon’s voice to create a highlight for this ballad track. Her voice is clearly an improvement how she was directed in her previous songs. The song starts off calm piano, leading us to the chorus where she starts to say, “You are…” The violin is being added to bring the romantic feel into the song. The song climbs up to more of a climax when the bridge comes in with Tae Yeon gets the chance to show her new voice in a ballad song.

Track 3, “쌍동이자리 (Gemini)” is a R&B song, which Tae Yeon’s voice plays absolutely well with the melody. This is the first time hearing her coming into an R&B feel. I really like how she tried to put herself into a new genre she never tried. For the first time trying this type of music, Tae Yeon came out good.

Track 04,스트레스 (Stress)” is an upbeat, pop songs that has a fast rhythm that Tae Yeon sings. At first, I didn’t like this track, but I found this really catchy when she sings the part “blah, blah, blah, blah” in the two verses.

Track 05,먼저 말해줘 (Farewell)” is another ballad track that describes a breakup of a couple. Different from U R, Tae Yeon brings her calm and mellow voice again, but this time, it is so much more developed. She is able to put a focus in her voice chord, which I find it beautiful just like track 2.

If you don’t understand the meaning of the song, the music video of “I” is for you. By just looking at it, it is a true sign of finding your freedom, finding yourself. The video takes you onto the beach of New Zealand, showing off its scenery of the sunset and ocean itself. In this music video, Tae Yeon plays as a waitress who dreams to fly high to the outside world for a new adventure. Of course, Tae Yeon leaves her job and takes a drive up to the mountains, making her way to the beach. When she arrives, it was near sunset. She meets herself, the innocent one, at the end of the shore. Right at the end, the two smiles at one another, knowing that they both had the reason to wait for each other. They knew that they will always be there for each other.

Overall, my rating for Tae Yeon’s 1st Solo Mini Album I give it a 4/5. Tae Yeon took the guts to try out a new type of style. I enjoy her concept of “I”. Recommended Tracks: 1, 2, 3, and 6

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