Looking foward to Fallout 4


I remember running to my family’s vibrant coloured Christmas tree in 2008 at 2:00AM and ripping open a Fallout 3 sized gift to find Fallout 3. I knew little about the game other than the fantastic reviews it was getting. I plopped in the game and was thrown into the “Capital Wasteland” with little know how and no equipment, surrounded by giant green super mutants and their grotesque multi arm-legged pets crawling around the refuse of the wasteland. While the Fallout universe is one that takes place in post nuclear holocaust setting it has never been a dreary pit of despair. Instead it is builds a hilarious alternate reality based on a 1950s future. What makes the Fallout series a fantastic play, other than the unique setting it creates, is its massive open world. The main story is a small percentage of the possible exportable area allowing for hours of new discoveries and sub-plots. I have been in love with the world since my first play through.

Now, seven years later, we are on the last few days before Fallout 4’s release. The first trailers brought back a rush of nostalgia as they felt just like Fallout 3 but better. Like a good sequel should, it seems that Bethesda took the best concepts and expanded on them without adorning it with needless pomp. Weapons are now customizable. Vertibirds are now ride-able, making it possible to rain terrible nukeage upon the towns below. Players have the option to build their own town that they live in, can trade in, and must defend against attacks by all types of enemies. So much has been changed, but not all of it is well received. One criticism I see often on discussion forums and articles is how Bethesda has changed the dialogue system. Instead of a box filled with varying intelligent, insulting, ignorant, hilarious, “screw talking lets fight” dialogue that characterizes the fallout series, they have opted for four options that seem to scale back the zaniness. This was likely done in order to incorporate the voices of Brian Delaney and Courtenay Taylor as the male and female version of the main protagonist. While it is interesting to have voices, most people are disappointed by this change. I still look forward to the game and do not believe the voices will take away from my enjoyment. Fallout 4 will still be an amazing adventure through a new world with a familiar feeling that everyone can experience on November 10, 2015.

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