iKON Final-FREAKINGG-ly Debuted Yalllll – “Welcome Back” Album Review


Ladies and Gentlmen, let’s all stand up together and give a round for applause for not iKON, but for Papa YG for finally debuting iKON!!!! *clap-clap-clap-uglycries-clap-clap-clap*

So for those who don’t know iKON, they were YG entertainment’s trainee who first appeared on the survival show, “Who is Next: WIN” where they went up against Winner, who was Team A at the time. I was personally rooting for iKON (Team B) the whole entire show! I literally was crying when *SPOILER ALERT* they didn’t win. It was so freakin heartbreaking!! They worked so hard!

After years and years, ok months, but to us it was like lightyears— of pushing back their debut, and I mean like Salt-n-Pepa’s “PUSH IT,” it was to the point where some of the fans lost all trust in Papa YG– because he was playing with our emotions with his empty promises!! He kept saying they’ll debut “soon” (I don’t think he knows what that word “soon” means). However I feel like I knew his intentions (because we’re homies like that in my mind), I know he doesn’t make his artist shoot out albums– just to shoot out albums for sales. He makes sure that they’re perfect in his eyes. So I forgave him and waited patiently.

And so finally, September 15th at 12:00AM KST hit and they dropped their long awaited first debut song that YG said was their “warm-up”, and it definitely was. “My Type” was a so stinkin cute. The melody was chill and upbeat making you smile as they swoon over their voices, for me it was Junhoe’s smooth rasped, holy f–lower, he freakin improved so much. The song was describing a girl, from her cute voice, the way she spaces out, to the way she “spit words like a boss” and how all those are their “type.” That’s how they get you!! They describe a quirk or characteristic of each type of girl and so you feel like they’re sort of talking about you, making you grin more like an idiot. Even their video was adorable; with them in pastels, seeing their flirty playful side as they goof around with each other.

Then they released “Airplane,” a slightly heart tugging song about a boy who doesn’t want the girl to leave on that airplane. He makes cute little excuses for her to stay longer and not get on that dang plane. If I heard those excuses I’d stay back stay hug them all.

BUT if you know YG, you know that’s not what they’re about… Nope! That cutesy stuff?– That’s to tickle our feels…

Then they release “Rhythm Ta“… and it’s EVERYTHING that I’ve been waiting for. They did not disappoint! From the very first beat, it already made me excited. Then the bass hit making me immediately sway my head  like up and down  …like yessss… this is HIP to the freakin HOP! This is YG…. This is iKON. Bobby was fire, Bobby was life in this song. The way he spits with such passion…  I love his voice, I’m trash for his voice. The way he raps with so much Ugh! Yes Bobby…. show us why you won Show Me the Money! Their music video oozed Swaggg — I hate that word, but it is what it is sometimes.

Those were the three songs they debuted with Music Videos, and here’s my opinion on the rest of the album’s track:

Welcome Back:

The Album’s title track. A fun song! It’s about a them welcoming back their girlfriend after breaking up, but we (fans) all know that it’s symbolic about their fans.  Welcoming back their loyal fans who has been waiting for their freakin debut,  saying that they’ve changed for the better and will do better. This song definitely got you smiling and grooving with to the delightfulness of the lyrics and beat.


Just the simple, “Girl I’m gon’ make you proud.” made my heart flutter the first time I heard it, and could pretty much get the gist of the song without having to read the translations. The song is about a person who’s not doing much and can’t afford much, but is grateful to have someone by their side during the struggle. I feel this is most twenty year old’s’ struggle, wanting to accomplish things, to be successful, to make a dent in the world already, but is stuck in the slow process. Something about a boy who promises to make me proud makes me wanna smoosh their face and pepper them with kisses! How adorable! The song has this magical way of making you wanna dance and root for them. Hahaha


My second favorite song of the album! This catchy song got me subconsciously bouncing my shoulders and singing “O-neul-dda-ra (Today)” every single time it comes on. The song is about suddenly and randomly seeing someone in a new light. Questioning the new buzzing feeling of being attracted to a friend in a new light, “Why Am I like this today?” (translation).

Overview of the whole album:

Great debut album. I know as boring and generic as that comment sounds, that’s all I can say. I’d still give them a 4 out 5 in the Ronarockss Scale of Music — whatever that might mean. It was great, but I had my own expectations for them. I expected my heart to explode from their awesomeness, but I know this is a just a toe-dip into their ocean of potential, I just know it. Can’t wait for their future stuff!


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