The Holiday Spirit

ThxgivingThe holidays are suppose to be known for bringing families together, welcoming the winter season, and giving gifts to people you love. When I was a child this was all we looked forward to, along with a very long winter break, but as we get older we have to get jobs and reality sets in. This reality of the holiday season is actually angry crowds, fighting families, and braving the cold winter storms, praying for the summer season to begin again.

What happened? Where did the holiday spirit go wrong? The festivities are no longer filled with joy and good tidings, but instead filled with rage and empty wallets. Yet I suppose this was how it always was. Trying to make our kids and families happy to give them what they want and we as children didn’t understand the concept of a paycheck and a resume. All we cared about was seeing all of our distant cousins and aunts and uncles, and eating great food. Luckily some of us, including myself still fight for the holiday spirit, even while working in retail.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get to see my family and eat an insane amount of mashed potatoes. Our family doesn’t have many traditions, but the one we do have is going to a different house each year. My Mother is one of three sisters, so we switch off every year to which house we will be having dinner at. This year will be located at South Lake Tahoe. We have a small family but getting to see all my crazy cousins is my number one reason why I love Thanksgiving.

These days, however Thanksgiving seems overshadowed by Black Friday. Honestly, whoever invented Black Friday should be castrated. Working in retail already makes it tough to like customers or people for that matter, but to create a Black Friday pretty much on Thanksgiving night is outrageous. What’s more shocking is that people would actually choose to spend Thanksgiving waiting in a line to spend money rather than spending time indoors, all cozy with your family stuffing your face full of Turdunkin. Let’s face it, you are not saving money because there is a sale, you are just plain spending money.

If you speak to most people in retail, they will tell you how awful Black Friday is. Not just because of how it takes up the Thanksgiving holiday and takes away time from their families, but how mean customers are to the employees and to other people in general. Many retailers will tell you how customers can suck your soul away and it breaks my heart that many people will treat employers like they are not people. Not one good thing comes from Black Friday, other than huge corporations getting an insane amount of profits.

Despite all of this, some still find the joy in Thanksgiving and the holidays. I am glad my family still comes together to make this winter season special and gives me hope that some traditions still never die.

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