Blockbuster – Block B in the USA 2015 Tour

Block B

Yo yall, life man, seriously… life is so good!! LET. ME. TELL. YOU WHY!!!

Block B!! I loved them since they first debuted in 2011. I’ve been following them and they’ve seriously grown immensely with their music, especially Zico, who’s my top 3 bias of all biases! My boo! *swoooooon* ANY WHO! What drew me to them was the mere fact that they weren’t your typical kpop-“pop”-group. They were more hip hop! That was completely new to me, because during that time hip hop wasn’t that big in Korea as it is now, so the music I’ve listened to was mostly pop songs. Although, I’ve always been into American Hip Hop/Rap, I just never ventured to that genre when listening to k-pop.

So KPOP like to do this thing where they like to spring on their fans that they’re coming to the states with very little time for anyone to prepare….mentally and financially. It gets pretty chaotic when news break out that the groups I love are coming… like its a combo of whirlwind-hurricane-earthquake-volcano eruption in my mind and heart.

When SubKulture announced that they were bringing Block B to the states I screamed, then I panicked. In the last span of 6 months I’ve been 5 concerts! 5!! They’re not cheap!! KPOP IS EXPENSIVE YALL!! Yes flowers are ridiculously expensive. So out of those 5 concerts, I did see them at KCON, but it just wasn’t enough. I sat so far away and they only performed a few songs. I needed more Block B, More Zico!

Sadly, my wallet wasn’t having none of it. As it coughed up dust with a dead moth inside, it was like “Ha-ha-ha have you seen your money?! Because I haven’t.” *cries*

Then last week Zico dropped his new single “Boys and Girls” and I’m like.. Is this a sign?!!? Should I go?! I kept asking pestering my friend Sue, who loves Zico as much as I do, (I don’t mind sharing biases, I’m nice like that lol) if we should go, but she was in the same situation as I was, poor-ness. I told her that a lot of the time, when it gets closer to the concert date, people start selling tickets for dirt cheap. She said if it was cheap enough, she’d be down.

So I found a group on Facebook and asked around to see if anyone was selling cheap tickets.

A girl posted saying that KORE was selling tickets for 40% off. I was like Oh my gah.. perfect! However she messaged me and told me to email an employee from SubKulture with how many tickets I wanted and which section. So on Monday, I did as instructed.

Tuesday morning I woke up to a reply from SubKulture saying that they’ll give me two comp tickets to GA and just pick it up from Will Call!!!


Like YALLL!!!!!! I was freakin out!! LIKE I HAD A SMILE PLASTERED ON MY FACE ALL DAY!!!! I felt like I was walking on cloud nine! I was like, this was meant to be! Zico and I were meant to be. This is how we’d meet and he’ll fall in love with me. We’d get married and have little rapping babies. Perfect. Just perfect.

The day of the concert we went and lined up 3 hours in advanced since it was GA. They were letting will-calls in one by one to pick up their tickets… as I got to the front, I said my name and THEN the girl handed me my ticket and said, “Here you go,” then she pointed at another table, “go towards the prize tables to see if you won.”

I was like … “Wait what?”

She said, “See if you won photo opp, hi-touch, or other merchandise.

I almost fell to the floor, literally! I was like “WHAT?!?! THERE’S A CHANCE FOR ME TOO?!” I thought it was only for those who had bought their tickets. Sue and I started hopping over to the other tables like excited minions. I didn’t want to expect much because the free tickets were ALREADY  too much for me to handle, I couldn’t imagine getting any more because life doesn’t work like that… not for me at least.

Sue handed her ticket over. They were quiet and shook their head apologetically, “Sorry, you didn’t win.”

My hands shook a little as I handed my ticket.

“You got Hi-touch!”

“What?” I thought I was hearing things.

“You got hi-touch.”

I dropped to the ground and then I screamed as I popped back up!!



The concert was so lit! From their first song, “Very Good” to their Encore songs!! Their stage presence and vibe was pure fire. I’ve been to two shows at the Warfield before for Got7 and Epik High, but man, Block B’s stage set up was just WOW!! The stage itself is pretty small, but you would never have guessed after seeing Block B’s bright TV screen and lightings. I got lost in their music. I personally loved that it wasn’t a packed house! I was able to stand in front of second level of GA and was able to see them perfectly. I’m 5’1 so I hate GAs, but it was just perfect, where I stood. We danced and hopped around so much because where we stood, barely anyone was there, so I wild out to my heart’s content! I’m limping today because my calves are on fire, just like the show — HAH! They’re so freakin amazing live. All the energy that you feel watching them in videos just don’t do them justice, but I knew that! Their songs always pumps me up when I listen to it, but hearing them live and seeing them that up close was a whole new crazy awesome experience. 

When Zico performed “Okey Dokey” though, I went nuts!

Zico is life.

I wished I could brag about Hi-Touch more, but unfortunately I wasn’t prepared for it. I knew it’d go fast and it did. Like herds of fast moving cows, as quickly as we got up on the stage to Hi-five them, we got off. It took no more than 5 seconds for the whole thing. I’m shy… so when I saw Zico… I couldn’t even look at him or anyone else for that matter. Honestly, I would’ve needed weeks to prepare for those 5 seconds. A few hours just wasn’t enough, but I regret nothing.

All in all, great concert! Just UGH! AMAZEBALLS! I came with literally no expectations except enjoy the awesome music and walked out feeling blessed.

Seriously. LAST concert of the year. LAST!

My heart is concert-ed out.

….unless they’re free, again.


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