Rain Season has arrived!


Rain! Yes! This season of rain is finally here!

First thing, great how Sacramento is finally receiving rain! I’m pretty sure that other counties in CA are also experiencing the same thing or something similar to this. Why celebrate this? Well, a little rain is a step to help improve our contemporary issue on the California Drought. On that note, I am actually glad to also see that the sierra is snowing as well. That is good. More snow, it can melt and give water to those sections in CA to use. The water is slowly coming back in. It is better to be in this cold weather than the sizzling summer months back.

The next thing is not too great at first because of the weather may be a lot tougher for drivers. They sit in the car. They have to check for security (slippery roads). They also have to make sure that they watch traffic and be patient with it. I can totally understand when traffic happens on rainy days. It is horrible since the road is slippery, and most people want to slow their driving. Yes, it can get tiring to slow down if someone was that careful on a rainy day. Just drive safe out there and try to be patient. Driving in the rain is not a joy.

Honestly, for me, I am totally fine with the rain. I love the rain. The best part about the rain is to listen closely to it. Whenever I hear it, I would usually step outside to do whatever I please to get closer with the rain. The way how it sounds when it splatters on the cement floor and leaves outside, the rain sound is perfect. It’s just a natural nature in me that I cannot explain why I really enjoy the rain sound. I clearly remembered one evening that I got out of the house to record the rain drizzling. I believe that it is probably a way for me to get connected with the calm nature (though it can and is gloomy). In addition to this rain love, I love the new smell that the rain brings every time after it was done showering. Even if sometimes I have an odd expression of noticing a different, sharp smell, I will usually still enjoy the smell. It’s like a really new day appears right ahead of you. The rain is like a spring to me. It starts to take everything away, but the next morning or evening, the new air smell comes in. To also add on, I also love when it is after the rain showers because there is always a great view to see. This has become a hobby to me to do so.

To make sure, for this holiday season, make sure you are all dressed warmly and comfortably. Watch out for yourself. Even if you are a rain lover like me, just make sure that you are also always eating your food warmly as well. The season is getting colder with all these rain and wind, so bundled up tightly. In addition to all this, to all drivers: I want to make sure that you all will do well this season as well. Don’t forget about the safety in the highway (if you are traveling). Have a great holiday everyone!


Alex is a dj with KSSU


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