Krampus 2015 Spoilers

KrampusKrampus is a 2015 movie about the true spirit of Christmas. We begin the movie following a small boy as he is constantly told that Santa Clause isn’t real, he carries around a half written letter to the man, but it’s after his relatives visit and tease him mercilessly that he eventually discards it. Without realizing this singular event acted as a call to another power, an ancient being who ascends from the underworld to seek his vengeance on anyone who would turn their back on the true spirit of Christmas. A being known none other as Krampus.

So traditionally Krampus is Santa Clause’s evil counterpart during the Christmas celebrations. His appearance varies, but he generally has goat horns, hooves and a forked tongue. Krampus has chains covered in bells and has a sack that he abducts bad children with to later transport to hell. While Santa is handing out gifts to the good children, Krampus is responsible for the Cole bad children receive. Krampus appears in a lot of modern media most notably American Dad, and an episode of Grimm.

In the movie they draw some pretty strong parallel’s between the physical appearance of Santa Clause and Krampus. In fact they don’t really reinforce the idea that Santa Clause actually exists in their world, we only see Krampus who in their depiction looks like Santa Clause with hooves, goat horns, and chains covered in bells and hooks. He is accompanied by an army of evil elves making vicious Hellraiser inspired creatures/gifts to go in and cause havoc. There are even some evil gingerbread men cookies that were kind of hilarious.

At times I really want to call this movie a horror film, but there is a small comic element that pops up at times(mainly the gingerbread men) which sort of kills the tension of what should be a scary movie. Towards the end of the movie we come to an ending that I would have to consider possibly the best horror film ending you could hope for in something like this. Then for some reason the film kept going, and we end up with a “It was all a dream” ending with a hint that maybe it wasn’t just a dream.

To be honest I couldn’t tell you whether I would actually recommend this movie, and If I did I’m not sure who I should recommend it to. It definitely has elements of a horror movie, but it just doesn’t end up feeling like a horror movie when everything is said and done. The ending was more akin to the Jumanji ending, except where Jumanji is generally a family friendly movie all the way through and can get away with that kind of thing Krampus is a horror movie right up until the end. Then horror film fans are robbed of a suiting ending, I really just don’t know what to make of it.

I’m hearing a lot of mixed reviews from other people as well. Where i’m on the fence a lot of people either love it or hate it so I’d suggest for the curious to just give it a shot and see for yourselves.


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