He never died 2015 Review (Spoilers)


Much like Danny Trejo, Henry Rollins has been sitting on the sidelines in the cinematic universe far too long! Henry isn’t just a punk singing Icon known for his role in Black Flag he is also a writer, a radio host, a spoken word artist, and is in a myriad of movies both exceptional films as well as those that fall on the low budget B-side of things. Although with the enormous amount of movies Henry Rollins has been in over the years he generally finds himself in a supporting role. The lowly promotional speaker(feast) or a disc Jockey(Suck) are merely a few roles that this exceptional performer has been cast over the years.

He never died written and directed by Jason Krawczyk premiered at South by Southwest in 2015 and centers around a character known has Jack, played by Henry Rollins. We start the movie watching Jack lay in bed in a dimly lit room, staring at the ceiling, he seems to be lost in thought or merely waiting for something. The soundtrack starts off full of dark and almost violent sounds, possibly to represent the memories of a dark past. Jack goes through the movie with a monotone voice and close to no expression at all, he exhibits the attitude of a man who just doesn’t seem to care anymore, and it isn’t until about the half way point that we start seeing him change.

If you’re worried about spoilers you may want to consider this your stop.

A good half an hour into the movie we start seeing Jack for being more then a lonely man who seems to have given up on any joy in this world. It was hard to place, somewhere between a werewolf or a vampire, but this movie took a decided turn into the supernatural. It isn’t until the very end that Jack makes it clear that he is something akin to a vampire, but so much more. See what isn’t immediately obvious from the beginning of the movie is that this is a movie based on a biblical character. Jack is a pseudonym, merely 1 of many names that the character Cain has been known by over the years. According to Jack he is something akin to a vampire but he prefers not to use the word, it’s also not clear that they are following the traditional strengths/weaknesses that many movies use for their vampires. The movie switches gears from a slow paced film to a fast paced horror action flick. It’s towards the end when Jack has transformed in the viewers eyes from Man to beast that his human side starts to come out again and we start seeing real emotions.

Personally I really enjoyed it, but I can see it not being for everyone. It was good to see Henry Rollins in a leading role, and they are looking into making He never died into a TV show so there is the possibility that he could continue as the character Jack in the same way that Bruce Campbell is playing Ash in the new show Ash vs. the Evil Dead.

My name is Chris Diel and I’m a dj at KSSU

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