No Need To Fear! Baseball Is Almost Here!


As the months of spring quickly approach us, so is the wonderful game of baseball. Whether you enjoy watching the game from the ballpark or on television or play on a team, you can have a sigh of relief as baseball will be here sooner than you know it.

We will once again experience the simple perfection of a day at the ballpark. Enjoy the smell of the fresh cut grass, the light, cool breeze, the wonderful sound of the crack of the bat, and the wonderful taste of peanuts and cracker jacks.

They say Spring is the season of new life, and for baseball, it’s totally true. Each new season blesses us with new opportunities to make lasting memories through the season. For fans, there’s the ability to spend time with family and friends alike, spending time enjoying each other’s company while enjoying your favorite ball team all summer long. It’s a new season to consume your weight in nachos, red rope, chocolate malts, and of course, peanuts, sunflower seeds, and Cracker Jacks, while making the rush to to make that foul ball grab in the stands. But, most of all, the dreams reawaken. Those wonderful dreams of a championship reawaken for teams as they start with a new, clean slate, giving fans a new hope that “next year” has finally arrived.

For players in leagues of all ages from little league to college and the Major Leagues, it’s a new season of lessons of trial and error, new memories, and goals to achieve just a little more than last. It is finally time to reunite with your teammates and go for greatness whether its winning your division, defeating that rival team always giving your squad trouble, or winning it all in the World Series. It’s that new season to master that new pitch you were working on last season, that new season to try to bat .300, steal an one extra bag than you did last year, and a new year to hit a few more out of the park. However, just go out there and have fun as usual.

Then for others, this is just like any other part of the year. Baseball either doesn’t interest them or just doesn’t give that magic feeling like other sports or other forms of entertainment gives them and thats alright. However, every year, baseball’s magic is born in a new person as the the enchantment of America’s past time makes baseball gain a new fan. It is a new year for someone new to feel the energy of the ballpark, the thrill of the crowd going crazy after a walk off homerun, the cheers as the ace of the pitching rotation gets out of a jam by striking out the other team’s best slugger, and the feeling of being in awe of the majestic beauty that is the ballpark. Yes, baseball every season will capture new hearts whether someone is young or old.

For the next six or so months, baseball will return to the diamond, the television, and the radio. Fans will fall in love the game all over again. For some, spring and summer are the best times of the year for a reason. Whether you watch the game, listen to the radio broadcasts, or are out on the field waiting for the next pitch, always remember to have fun and enjoy this great game! LETS PLAY BALL!

Griffin is a dj with KSSU


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