A New DJ Appears!?


Good Afternoon everyone in radio land! My name is Christian Colón and I am one of the many new DJs joining KSSU this semester. This is one of my first blog posts, so I thought I’d give everyone a little background information about myself, the type of music thats in current rotation for me and what to expect from my show once I get on the air.

Well to start things off, I am a California native, born in Northern California quite some time ago (please don’t ask when). I grew up most of my life in California and then moved on to Texas in my teenage years. Like many kids I didn’t really have a clear idea of what I wanted to do with my life, so I decided to follow in my Fathers’s footsteps and join the military, specifically the Air Force. During that time I learned a great deal about the world, was able to travel to some very exotic locations, and narrowed down some of my life goals. I served for eight years, and recently separated back in 2012, deciding to settle down back in Sacramento for the time being. Armed with the skill set I gained from the time in the military, I decided to pursue my bachelors here at Sacramento State. I am currently in the Business Administration program, with a concentration in Accountancy. I am projected to graduate in Spring 2017 and can’t wait to get back into the work force.

Now that I’ve given a sufficient background on myself, lets all talk about something we all enjoy, which is music. With so many genres out in the world today, its really hard for me to focus on one specifically and honestly I find myself gravitating to anything that sounds good these days. For the sake of saving time on the readers behalf, I’m going to focus on a genre that you can expect to hear me playing a lot on my show, which is Synthwave.

What is Synthwave you may ask? Well imagine sounds from the 80s, movies like The Karate Kid, Goonies or Top Gun. They typically have a very upbeat, incorporating synthesizers and are primarily instrumental with some vocals here and there. Usually upon your first time hearing a synth wave song, you’d believe that it was song made in the 80s and I always imagine that’s the artists goal when making the song. Its to invoke the carefree feelings of 80s and makes you want to barrel down the highway in a Delorean.

Lastly, my show will incorporate sounds from the 80s, 90s, chiptune, synthwave, electronic and new wave to name a few. I’m also a fairly talkative person and not shy behind the mic, so expect to hear my voice fairly often over the airwaves. I’ll incorporate some discussion about games,music and other relevant topics going on. One thing you will learn about me after tuning in is that I have a serious passion for music and am always open to hearing new artists. My goal is to listen to someone new at least once a week and I’ll be looking to you the viewers to have a helping hand in that. If you have someone you really like, comment and share them with me, and who knows you might even hear them on my show.

I appreciate you all taking the time to learn a few things about me and I’ll be sure to drop some more info about in future shows. Till then, this is DJ Ace signing off.

-Christian C. (DJ Ace)




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