Deadpool Movie Spoilers


I was lucky enough to catch the press release of Deadpool. Being a long time Deadpool fan I’ve been waiting for this movie for a very very long time, and didn’t expect it to live up to my expectation, but it did. Oh how it did.

If you’re unfamiliar with Deadpool, he’s a mercenary that’s basically walking around with the healing factor of Wolverine. He had cancer when his healing factor kicked in so the cancer is supposedly being healed by the healing factor and bubbles to the surface. Leaving his skin in a less desirable form. This is why he’s always walking around in his superhero get up.

The movie is sporting Ryan Reynolds as the Merc with the mouth, and we even have guest appearances from Colossus and teenage warhead. Deadpool is constantly breaking the fourth wall, such as mentioning how their budget was too small to have more xmen in the movie. Sadly Domino and Cable don’t join us in this film either. We do get Blind Al and a short cameo of Bob, from hydra.

A lot of details from the comics are in the film, such as Wade Wilsons love of Bea Arthur, you can see him sporting some Bea Arthur Gear earlier in the movie. They also make constant references to the wolverine movie, as well as the Green Lantern movie.

There were a few facts that were a little off though, TJ Miller(Silicon Valley) although doing a great job playing Weasel Deadpools sidekick and confidant. Actually plays the bartender in this movie, instead of playing Deadpools Gadget making lackey. Also the dynamics of Deadpool’s and Blind Al’s friendship seems to be a bit more sane in the movie. I can’t help but feel this was intentionally done in order to make the character a little more likable on the screen. Watching Deadpool switch Blind Al’s medication on screen might have given people the wrong idea about our superhero. Although he is more or less a bad guy, he’s also more or less a good guy and that’s what the fans expect of him. Also I miss the yellow boxes, I get that it may have been difficult to insert into the movie, but I miss them. Even with some small alterations to the characters it didn’t distract to the overall feel of the movie. There’s a lot of fourth wall breaking, and dark humor that makes deadpool so gosh darn lovable as a superhero. Also his taste in pizza is impeccable I may just be getting a Pineapple and Black Olive pizza tonight.

I believe this movie will be the romantic feel good movie of the year. Just a heads up if it’s your pick for a romantic Valentines day, it is a bit violent. Think a comedic rendition of Resident Evil violent. Or the movie Judge Dredd kind of violent, this probably isn’t something you want to be taking your kids to on a family outing.

My name is Chris Diel, and I’m a dj with KSSU when i’m not patiently waiting for Deadpool, i’m watching it.


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