OCD About The Number 3


You don’t see many people writing about a number even though they are all around us. We use numbers daily, see them everywhere we go, we pick favorite numbers and can even make a career out of it. So how could someone possibly be afraid of numbers? Well take my case for example, I have moderate to severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, also known as OCD. I have had it since around age 13 when I began my depression. At first I did not know what was wrong with me, afraid that I was the only one like this, but luckily (unluckily?) I discovered I was not alone. I have many ticks, some routines actually come and go through-out the years, but one that has stuck with me was the fear of the number 3.

It seems silly to fear a number, but OCD seems silly in itself doesn’t it? Odd, yet damaging to daily activities. I’m not sure why I chose this number to scare me. Maybe it was the saying, “Bad things happen in threes?” I can’t remember, but it is still difficult to this day. Actually, it’s surprisingly hard during day to day life. I challenge you to pick a number and see how many times you notice it. I see this number 3 on television, movies, every clock, every sign on the road, t-shirts, hats, and in music lyrics. It seems like it is there to mock me.

Here is how I deal with this number from day to day. If I look at the number, I have to quickly find another number around it, like 4 or 10 or anything other than 3. If I have to say 3, then I quickly say another number under my breath, very quietly to myself so no one notices. If I have to write the number down, like I am doing with this blog, then after each time I write it, I have to write down another number, then delete it, so the last number I have written isn’t the number 3. Do you think this sounds exhausting? You’d be right.

This is just one of many Obsessive Compulsive Disorders I have that effect me on almost every minute of the day. It gets exhausting but its something that I have lived with for nearly 12 years. I have thought about going to therapy to try and treat this, but like other obsessions, it’s not that easy to try and fix. Maybe one day I will overcome my OCD, but for now I will still avoid the number 3.

My advice is to always be grateful for what you have, because something simple as the clothes you put on, how you drive, what you see, how you speak to people, even what you write down can seem so passive, can be another persons struggle. And never assume that people who suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder are all the same. There are many different types, just like that many different struggles for everyone out there. But most importantly, never take life seriously, cause even I can make fun of my own OCD, so cheers to all the numbers, except for that pesky 3.

When DJ Jaws isn’t worried about the number Three she is being an awesome DJ at KSSU


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