Sac State 5k Fun Run

5kAre you ready to run with the swarm? Sac State’s 5k fun run is approaching quickly! This is a 5k run (3.1 miles) that begins in front of the Well! The run is a great opportunity to meet new people from the Sac State campus and the Sacramento area. Also, even though the run is on the Sac State campus, anyone can take part. So you know what that means, bring your friends, family and significant others! The more the merrier. This run is again a FUN run! In the past, people have ran with their friends, family, club, or campus organization and dressed up in creative matching outfits or costumes! Because it is a fun run, it is not as competitive as a normal 5k would be. The run is mainly a fun opportunity to meet new friends, build a closer bond with those you’re running with, while reaching new fitness goals at the same time! If you have never ran a 5k before, this is a great opportunity to strengthen your running ability while still having fun.

The run will take place on Thursday April 21st at 6pm! To Register for the run, you can visit! ALSO, you will receive a t-shirt for participating in the run! Now I know what you are thinking, If you’ve never ran a 5k before, that can be a little intimidating! Well have no fear! The WELL is also providing a helpful program- Couch to 5k! This is a program that will assist you in preparing for the 5k run! The idea of this program is to assist you in making the transition from the couch to the track! With the purchase of this $19.99 program, you will receive the following: a fashionable 5k headband, a discount code to register for the 5k, 5 group fitness classes, motivation and training tips, a one on one session with a personal trainer, weekly check-ins with your personal trainer, and a training schedule that will help you stay on track when preparing for the 5k!! The Couch to 5k program will begin on March 21st, and will go for one month, to give you full preparation for the run on April 21st! Register for the 5k today! The price will eventually raise to $29.00, so the sooner you register, the better.
If I still haven’t convinced you to run the 5k, you do have one other option… You can volunteer! There are many different volunteer shifts that are available to work on April 19th, 20th, and 21st. Volunteers will be needed to assist with packet pick-up, setting up for the race, and cleaning up after. To register to volunteer visit and click on the volunteer option. Once you register to volunteer, you will be given directions on where to meet. ALSO, you will receive a volunteer shirt!!
The Sac State 5k Fun Run is a huge event that is not one to be missed!! Stingers up!

When Ashrey isn’t writing about the 5k Run she’s a DJ at KSSU


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