Introducing DJ Rivers

RiversHey there! My name is Angelina, otherwise known as DJ Rivers. I am a new DJ here at KSSU and excited to be a part of this awesome community.

Since I am a newbie here, I think its best that I properly introduce myself. I am a second year student at Sac State, but I am a junior (hopefully graduating next year) majoring in communication and minoring in business. All those advanced placement tests in high school let me skip a year in school and I’m incredibly thankful for it. Sac State offers so many opportunities and I am gladly taking advantage of this one here at KSSU. I’ve loved my experience here thus far and look forward to getting more involved on campus.

Now let’s get a little more personal!

I am quite active. I love hiking, martial arts, kayaking and running. In karate I am a green belt, so still a bit low on the totem pole of ranks, but slowly working my way up. It has actually become a family affair, my siblings and parents all participate as well and sometimes we even get partnered up as well. Let’s just say we definitely give it our all when that happens. I am also a fitness instructor for a program called The MAX. I typically teach kickboxing on Fridays and every now and then I’ll teach a cardio or strength training class. I love my job because I’m basically getting paid to workout and to motivate others to push themselves as well. It is an incredibly rewarding job to see people get the results they want and in turn help others in the class succeed as well. As previously mentioned I love running and am currently in the process of training for a half marathon in April. I am excited but nervous since it is my first time doing such a long race. In high school I ran cross country, but those races were typically three miles long, not thirteen. I’ll be sure to report back on how that went afterwards.

I am an animal lover, Netflix junkie and ice cream binge eater as well. I am the proud owner of a four year old chocolate lab named Max, who is the biggest baby ever. He is roughly 80 pounds, thinks he is a lap dog and attempts to sit on me every day (and yes, I let him). Netflix has turned into a full fledged addiction for me. I watch basically anything and everything, however my current obsessions are Gossip Girl, Orange is the New Black and any documentaries. If you have any show suggestions to feed my obsession, they are always welcome!

This is my first semester as a DJ at KSSU. My show, the Morning Mix, is nothing but feel good music to get your morning off to the right start. The show consists of today’s top hits along with throwbacks, so you can expect to hear those favorite old songs resurface. Between songs, are segments such as “this day in history” and “today’s national day” which provide quirky facts for the day. Each show brings something new to the plate, so be sure to tune in on Thursdays at 11 am to dance in your seat and sing along.

Angelina is a dj with KSSU


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