So You Say it’s your Birthday!?- An Ode to KSSU!


Some things get better with age they say. A good juice box, fancy cheese, great humor and a bunch of other things. But there is one thing that is the best of these all. Yes, you guessed it- its KSSU. This year we are celebrating the 25th Anniversary of our beloved Sac State Student Run Radio. Like all things aged, KSSU is the best. With all the things going on at Sac State, KSSU is a special oddity that our school cherishes and holds to a high standard. I say oddity to highlight the nonconformist, eccentric and rare-bird aspect of our misfit organization we adore so much. KSSU is the white peacock of the bird world. We are a rare and beautiful thing that is very precious to the radio world. So with the 25th Anniversary coming right around the corner, all that can be said is a good ole happy birthday KSSU and keep on rocking!

At KSSU, we possess some very creative and wonderful minds that step foot into our studio. Since being part of KSSU, I have been exposed to some pretty great things and really amazing people. Our DJs are some of the most incredible  and passionate students that I have been able to meet here at Sac State. Our core staff is filled with wacky, smart individuals that push you to be the best DJ you can be. Corny, I know, but it is the truth. They make boring meetings fun and interactive making it feel like you aren’t even in a meeting (its like inception, I know). The DJs are fun people that make being part of the radio station a blast and a half. Sitting in the lobby and just talking with each other is a time that is thoroughly enjoyed

Our small family has some great things to offer to Sac State students. We offer them awesome entertainment but we also offer them so much more. We give students a chance to be able to let themselves free. Free from the monotony of your average day, free to play the music you like, free to speak your mind. Since being part of this place, I have felt a sense of relief and an almost therapeutic escape from my boring everyday life. I have gotten a sense of belonging when I am in the station and can play the music I want to play, tell the stories I want to tell and can say the jokes that I want to tell. This goofy place gives me that ability and I am very thankful for the day that KSSU walked into my life.

To sum up what KSSU is- it is a crazy, wacky, hilarious, spectacular, rare-bird  of a place family that offers so much and gives more. You are better than an aged fine wine and way better that any aged cheese. Thank you KSSU and we salute you. Happy birthday, ya old man!

This is whole thing is an amalgamation by the way ( a small ode to you, Cole).

KSSU listen to us, and stuff.


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