The search for the number “three”

Ship number 3In 1538, Buska Numeros set sail from Spain on the Nunka in search for the number “three”. In his possession was an ancient chart that spoke of an island called “Akii Esta” where the number was said to be found. Others have tried, setting sail to various promising locations. All of them failed. Until Numeros’ expedition, only the numbers 1 and 2 were known, and it was with those two numbers that the kingdoms of Europe had been built. But with the number “three” everything would change. Money could be better managed, buildings could be faster erected, and better ships to sail the seas.

On April 5, 1538, Numeros made land at the rumored island. From the small beach, beyond the tree canopy, he spotted a temple on the peak of the mountain (later called the Mountain of Secrets). “There. It must be!” he said. The temple, situated in vast ruins, was seemingly abandoned. Inside the temple he and his men found a series of tunnels and traps that would claim the lives of 23 of them. After two days wandering around the labyrinth of traps and deteriorating murals Numeros discovered a stone tablet that held the prize he sought. Not wanting to waste any time, he and his crew set sail the ran back through the temple and set sail the next day. They had charted the island and the inner temple for a future journey.

The sails of the Nunka returning to port stirred no excitement, everyone expected him to die or return empty handed as so many had before him. But when he showed the portman his discovery the portman ran and screamed throughout the town. Within hours Numeros was brought before the King and presented his findings.


The number that followed 1 and 2. Not only that but Numeros spent his return trip studying the number and discovered a strange relationship between the numbers, that 1+2=3. The King announced a day of celebration and Numeros was knighted for his efforts.

Unfortunately his glory would not last long as he lost his life in an engagement with the English fleet two years later. It would be 237 years until the discovery that ε+3= 8, adding five more numbers to the count, and 259 years after that until the realization that 8 turned on it’s side makes , granting us the world and technology that we take for granted today. It is important to remember where it all began. With the voyage of Buska Numeros.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and any similarities to any person, place, thing, and or the creation of numbers is merely a coincidence and not to be taken seriously.

When Tex isn’t writing works of fiction about the number 3 he can be found doing a talk show on KSSU

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