Giving Praise To Huey P. Newton

Dr. Huey Percy Newton was the co founder of the black panther party where it was formed in Oakland, CA. Huey Newton was a African American political activist and a powerful revolutionary. With co-founder Bobby Seale they both put together a party that sparked the world. Huey Newton became a large important figure because of the black panther party in African american urban societies. The Black panther party was revolutionary and it was for African Americans and the things we were going through during civil rights. Two of the most memorable quotes from Huey are “If you stop struggling, then you stop life.” and “The blood, sweat, tears and suffering of black people are the foundation of the wealth and power of the united states of America. We were forced to build America, and if forced to, we will tear it down. The immediate result of this destruction will be suffering and bloodshed. But the end result will be perpetual peace for all mankind.”

Both of these quotes were extremely powerful in black communities. If a person is not struggling and pushing him/herself to the highest limits. There is no way an individual can push him/herself for what they believe in. The second quote speaks on African Americans being a big part in America. We built it and we can tear it down. Blood, sweat, tears, and suffering affects African Americans in all types of ways. with poverty and white supremacy. We are the people that are standing up for what’s right and we will die for what we believe in and what’s good for our people. Only then there will be peace and love on earth. We will never forget. black lives matter! Huey is important in every African American culture and we were blessed to have him

Huey P. Newton was born in Monroe, Louisiana on February 17, 1942. Huey attended Merritt College in Oakland, CA where he was giving many opportunities to share his views on political issues. He also attended Oakland Technical High School and University of California, Santa Cruz. He states that he did not learn anything at Oakland Tech. He explains he didn’t get anything out of his high school, so he had to find knowledge through his neighborhood, his city and the issues that were present in America. Huey Newton was a social activist. Having the black panther party really help black communities. They sought to protect young and old from the insensitive government and pushed to influence the nation that we need as African Americans in black political involvement. Being able to express his political views at Merritt College it was a huge opportunity for Huey. He was able to speak the truth in front of so many African Americans who came from his same environment.

His Dad really influenced him in the long run. Him being in the National association for the advancement of colored people, that’s what got Huey involved in black matter. His whole family was activist and pushed for self deference toward colored which sometimes concluded with bad results. But always moving forward for the main issue. Huey’s family was a family that stood together through anything and that made him who he is today. Huey Newton ended up enrolling at Merritt College where he joined the Afro-American association and got into politics. Where he wanted to adopt a African American course at Merritt College. He was able to speak his mind on issues in the community. He read different works of Karl Marx, Malcolm X and other great leaders.

Creating the black panther was the most noteworthy, because it was the stepping stone to other organizations and political ideas from African Americans all over. Being involved with everything that has to do with pushing black power and education to youth and the old. This gave African Americans something to stand up for and believe in. The world has changed in many ways but there are still issues that are not resolved among African Americans. We are in a different time and African Americans have more opportunity than ever to speak their mind and be successful. As black people we have learned to love ourselves more and each other and stand up for issues like white supremacy. It’s still issues in black communities and it’s not good. That’s why I push as a black man to contribute what I know and believe to my fellow brothers and sisters. Even me today, a Merritt college graduate, looks up to Huey for the things he believed in. Being from the Bay Area and having family that experience the hard times of the civil rights, really helped me understand who I am and that’s African American. Pushing myself to the highest limits and contributing what I can to the world. Creating peace and unity!


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