Album Review: Anvil – Anvil is Anvil

AnvilAnvil is Anvil is the final ballad from a sinking ship we call Earth and if we don’t change our tune it will mean our imminent doom.

If you needed a soundtrack to a tough-guy pirate cartoon in the same vein as Disney Channel’s Dave the Barbarian, Anvil’s sixteenth studio album, Anvil is Anvil, may very well be the best fit imaginable. Not being too big of a metal fan I thought this album would be completely unbearable but the catchy choruses and powerful themes of this album make it a worthwhile listen.

The song order really helps to deliver Anvil’s overall message, albeit cliché, invoking a disruption to societal order is a worthwhile cause, a cause that has long been on the forefront of Anvil’s agenda and breathes through their entire catalog. The intro track, “Daggers and Rum,” works just like a theme song for a barbaric pirate ship that is steadfastly sinking. It is a fun and catchy tune that delivers imagery of bearded men scaling ropes and sloshing pints of foaming drinks on a teetering ship. The song is definitely the album’s most original and memorable tune. The middle of the album brings criticism to society in attempt to show that the world is deservedly sinking. The band calls many of American society’s current hot button issues to the forefront of our attention. Not leaving us with metaphors to decipher, their songs “Gun Control” and “Die for a Lie” directly criticize gun violence and self-sacrifice in the name of religion, respectively.

However, Anvil does not leave us without hope or direction. In the second to last track, “Run Like Hell,” Anvil suggests getting out of the rat race by running out of it. Sometimes the best way to win a game is not to play at all, and it is clear that Anvil does not live by the rules passed down by society. The final track, “Forgive Don’t Forget,” offers insight on how to overcome the hate that has perpetuated itself in society today. In the final song Steve “Lips” Kudlow sings, “Not to have died in vain / It can never happen again / With love we should embrace / To save the human race.” Hopefully their final message is enough to change the tide.

Anthony Parenzin is a dj with KSSU


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