I Spent My Spring Break in Lincoln, Nebraska. And That’s OK

NebraskaWhen you think of college kids and Spring Break you probably picture a bunch of twenty-somethings descending upon some beach town for a week of crazy partying and screaming SPRING BREAK whenever the need arises. You’ve all seen movies, so you know what I mean.

That is not how my Spring Break vacation went. I spent my week far from scenic beaches or crazy SPRING BREAK antics. I spent my week in Lincoln, Nebraska, a place that is without a doubt more a center of Spring Break departures than arrivals.

I was fortunate to have a great guide to some pretty awesome places while I was out there – my fiancé. She had spent the past three months telling me all about the fantastic restaurants in Lincoln and trying them all was something that was near the top of my to-do list for my trip.

What follows is a shortlist of things for you and your stomach to check out if you are ever in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Don’t click away, this knowledge might save you a series of disappointing McDonalds trips one day.

Honest Abe’s Burger’s & Freedom

Speaking of McDonalds, if you are a fan of burgers and fries, I cannot recommend Honest Abe’s Burgers & Freedom enough. I have been to Lincoln a grand total of two times in my life and in that time I have enjoyed the food at this establishment at least four times.

As my waistline would tell you, I am big on burgers. So believe me when I tell you that Honest Abe’s has the best burger I have ever tasted, fittingly called The World’s Greatest Burger. It’s fairly simple on the face of it: 6 oz patty, cheese, romaine lettuce, ketchup, mayo, applewood bacon, bun. But there is something about the quality of the ingredients that Honest Abe’s uses that makes their staple burger different.

If that’s a bit simple for your tastes, there are also more adventurous offerings. The Smokey & The Bandit burger has a 6 oz patty, sweet citrus coleslaw, balsamic BBQ sauce, and crunchy peanut butter. The Fireside has a 6 oz patty, jalapeño-bacon crumble, sriracha ketchup, pepperjack cheese, cumin lime mayo, and romaine lettuce.

Don’t count on those specific things being on the menu though, they also rotate their menu frequently so there might be some other stuff on there too.

Mellow Mushroom

Another wonderful Lincoln place, this pizza joint is right across from the big UNL basketball stadium and as such is a bit pricey; despite that it would be well worth a visit if you’re into pizza or calzones.

The interior is also a bit crazy, with lots of colors and decoration. It kind of works and doesn’t come off in an Applebees fast-casual chain kind of way, which is really nice.


You don’t need to tell me that ice cream isn’t a regional thing. If you’ve had it somewhere you’ve had it everywhere, right? Maybe.

But Ivanna-Cone is still a pretty special place. The shop itself is just tons of fun. As soon as you enter it’s just a barrage of colors and excitement.

The ice cream itself is good too, with a huge variety of flavors. In addition to the regular vanilla and chocolate, they have some fun ones too. Here are just a few of their more recent offerings: Sour Grape,Frosted Thin Mint, He is Raisin, and Elderflower Rose Sherbet. Now those are some imaginative flavors.

So there you have it, a few things for you and your stomach to look forward to if you are ever in the Lincoln, Nebraska area. Whether it is for a short visit or, like I did, you decide to spend your spring break there.

Josh Beeman is a dj with KSSU


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