DJ Freedom Cares Goes International!!!

I am proud to announce that I have been selected to Study Abroad in the Fall of 2016!!! I will be attending Oxford Brookes University located in Oxford, England. It has been a long a grueling process of deciding to travel so far from home and my family. I am also going to miss Sac State my beloved campus and club KSSU. My radio show has become an intricate part of my week and I am going to miss it and the gang at KSSU.

I will continue my education and study Economics, completing my electives for my Major. Returning in the Spring of 2017 to graduate with my class!! At the end of this semester I will be 7 classes from graduating. After 24 years of pursuing my degree it is hard to imagine that I am getting this close to achieving my Bachelors Degree. I have attached some information and a photo of the campus I am to attend. I am overwhelmed, frightened, excited and thrill to have this opportunity of a lifetime being given to me. I am humbled by this gift and plan to take full advantage of it.

Oxford Brookes is a vibrant, modern university that attracts international students from more than 130 different countries worldwide.

More than 3,000 students from around the world choose to study at  Oxford Brookes every year and we continue to value the academic and cultural contributions that you make to the university.

  • About Brookes

    The leading modern university in the UK for the tenth year running.

  • Oxford and the region

    Located in the beautiful city of Oxford, one of the world’s great student cities.

  • Teaching and learning

    Internationally recognized for our high quality, innovative teaching and learning methods.

  • Your career

    Respected by employers and our degree programs are designed with your future career in mind.

I believe that this opportunity will only enhance me personally and professionally. It is my hope that I will gain a global perspective that will enable me to make a difference. I have a heart for change and in helping others find their true potential. Expanding my sphere of influence is exciting and limitless. I thank all my friends, family and mentors for encouraging me to believe in myself and knock on this door of opportunity. I also thank God for giving me the faith to believe that I am worthy of a new beginning with endless potential.

More to come…..

DJ Freedom Cares…Bringing Hope                        Friday Nights 7-8 PM on KSSU.COM



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