April Fools Day


Truthfully, I was never one to pay much attention to April fools day. It is not a day I dread, fearing lame jokes or hoax announcements from various companies. Nor do I look forward to the day like Spongebob. Some of the announcements are absolutely ridiculous. For example, this year Duolingo, a free language learning site, announced a language learning pillow that promises to teach you a language as you sleep. That would be fantastic if it were real. Some companies announce sequels to their programs, games, or shows, leading the entire internet into a healthy skepticism for 24 hours. Given my gullibility one would think that I would loath this day. Instead I chuckle at the jokes and move on.

I fell for my first April Fools day prank this year thirty minutes before the actual start of April Fools. Someone on Reddit posted that the anime studio Pierrot announced the release of Tokyo Ghoul season three. Unlike many people who would scream at the prospect of a new season of a show, I had, and expected everyone else who was a fan of the series to have, a visceral reaction. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul was one of the most atrocious pieces of trash to enter our eyes. The studio completely ignored the author Sui Ishida’s draft, making the story nonsensical. The Animation went from okay in the beginning to so horrid by the end that some of the characters movements were not even animated and they slid across the screen. I was surprised then to see excitement and praise in the tread. Granted, as little faith that I had for the quality of a new season I knew that I would watch the series because I am a loyal fan of the original manga. But as I scrolled down the river of praise I suddenly realized that it was, for me, April Fools Eve. The original poster must have been in a time zone ahead of me.

My favorite joke however was the Legend of Zelda movie trailer in 2008. Even then I saw the mixing of Ocarina of Time monsters and Twilight Princess monsters as odd but I brushed it off. I also realized that, although the film looked good, Link’s outfit on a real person is ridiculous. Rewatching the trailer now I laugh at how hard I fell for this prank. It was only at then end when the film teased coming “April 1, 2009” That I realized I had been shmakledorfted. A quick splash of shame followed by laughter was the extent of my humiliation, which I now look back on with more laughter.

I find nothing exceptional about April Fools day, like Christmas or even Halloween. But if people collectively try to make funnies and a few of them make me laugh or embarrass me a smidge, then it is alright.

Tex on KSSU he talks and stuff.


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