Gold!!! Course Registration Info


It’s mid-April, and the Spring 2016 semester is nearly over. This time of year is usually the time when students frantically endeavor to finish their final assignments and pack loads of information into their brains for their finals.

Subsequently, this is also the time of year when student course registration dates are assigned. Once dates and times have been assigned, and students typically tend to have mixed feelings about their allotted appointments.

However, registration dates have not been issued just yet. Registration for the Summer 2016 semester will start on Monday, April 11, 2016. Students just have to register, they will not receive a registration date.

All students will receive a notification in their emails as well as their student centers on April 15, 2016. This notification email will express the exact date and time the particular student will be able to register for the Fall 2016 semester.

Even though students will soon be notified of their registration dates for the Fall 2016 semester, registration won’t actually start until May 2, 2016.

With the exception of veterans,sports, and disabled students, registration dates are prioritized by graduating seniors, graduate students, then finally, by the amount of units.

Registration dates are not assigned by the amount of semesters a student has attended, but by class level. Class level is calculated by the amount of units a students has.

Seniors (90 and above), juniors (60-89 units), sophomores (30-59 units) and then freshman (0-29 units), is the order of priority.

Unfortunately, it is common for students to not be pleased with their issued registration dates. They may feel that it was scheduled too late and that they would not be able to get the courses they need.

It may seem as if some students bask in the splendor of priority registration struggle; scrapping for classes along with the majority of their peers.

Despite the seemingly majority of disgruntled students, some will  actually be pleasantly content with their registration dates.

It is good to understand that a lot of majors are impacted…meaning there are a plethora of students, within a particular major and not enough faculty members to cover them all (many factors come into play). Also, there are ways to receive a better registration date. For example, just pass your classes. When students don’t pass their classes, they have to retake them and that sets them back in the graduation process.

All students who apply to graduate in a timely manner receive priority registration. However, students can only apply to graduate when they’ve earned 85 or more units.

For more info on registration or the Registrars office, visit Or, call the registration helpline at (916) 278-8880. Students are also welcomed to visit the Registrar’s office in Lassen Hall on the second floor, room 2000.

I want to wish everyone good luck with the duration of the semester in their classes. You’re almost there!! Also, take a break from all of the stress from the semester and listen to the Leggero Hour with your’s truly, DJ LaRew; Tuesday afternoons from 3pm to 4pm. On KSSU. See you then!


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