The Power Hour Recap Part 2


Hello Power Hour listeners and KSSU blog readers! We are back with Pt. 2 of the Power Hour Recap for the week of April 4th! I will be covering the reminder of music played on this weeks show, which includes some background information on the artist or sometimes just random trivia. Without further ado, unto the music!

  1. Lovesick – Friendly Fires – Great story about these guys and my discovery of them. I actually ended up stumbling upon them from a video game soundtrack, the racing game Dirt 2 to be exact. Well, that actually wasn’t as great as I thought but anyways onto the artist. These guys are an english band that appeared back in 2008 with their first album Friendly Fires. They could be considered a pop band, but as far as their music goes, I find the vocals and beats used to be very unique. They’ve only released two albums so far, with Pala being the second, but I eagerly look forward to new stuff from them.
  2. Zimbabwe – New Navy – Okay, back to some indie music! New Navy was a group I honestly don’t remember how I found, but I found their music very reminiscent of Two Door Cinema Club. Music like Zimbabwe remind me of music that you listen to while driving alongside the California coast. Groups like this remind me of music from Rooney and it seems especially crafted to go after that type of sound.
  3. Keyboard & Synths – Tesla Boy – Now you didn’t think I wouldn’t pass up the chance to play a Tesla Boy song did you? Another upbeat song to keep the pace going for this show, I felt like this track had strong vocals and a killer synth sound. Tesla Boy is a Russian synth-pop group that emerged a few years back and only recently toured in the US. One of my top groups of late, and one I’ve had the privilege of seeing them in person. Their sound is steadily evolving and I look forward to hearing what they release in the future.
  4. Live Your Life – Yuna – Live Your Life is one of those singles I snagged sometime ago and always find its way into a playlist since I love the chill-wave sound of it. She once described her style of music as a cross between Mary Poppins and Coldplay, but I’ll leave that up to the listeners. This is definitely an artist I feel I need to go back and listen to more, because her style of music sits around what I like.
  5. Baby I’m Yours – Breakbot – Another funky sound, I almost wish I placed it earlier in the show but I didn’t want to overload you all on the funk. Breakbot is a french producer and DJ who has been around in the scene since 2009. Though most recognized for remixes, his first debut was highly praised for its styling and those seeking a funky sound will not be disappointed. He just recently his newer album this year, and its something I’ll give a listen to down the line and report further on.
  6. Kaledioscope Love – AlunaGeorge – Last song of the show guys! This is another group that I randomly stumbled on, more likely hearing a remix of one of their songs and then looking them up afterwards. AlunaGeorge is a english electronic duo made up of Aluna Francis and George Reid for production. They have a R&B sound combined with house and hip-hop.


Well guys, that wraps our recap for this week. A lot of vocal tracks for you this week, as I tried to cultivate a different style for this playlist. I hope you enjoyed it and as always if you have any recommendations for some new sounds, please send them my way.

Christian is a DJ on the KSSU

– Ace


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