Dead Week


We have made it to dead week here at Sacramento State.

What is dead week you ask? It is the zombie week before finals where we students crowd the libraries and any other available tables on campus with every intent to study. Where we stand in long lines for coffee. Where we get out laptops to start on final papers due next week. And one way or another we end up on twitter.

This semester’s dead week for me consists of actually taking finals and stressing out over course selection. Yes. You heard correctly, professors give out finals on dead week. I love it. It means one less class to worry about next week, and possibly not even having to come to school during finals week. While some may not enjoy it, I fully embrace early finals.

But let’s get back on track.

Course selection.

College students everywhere let out a collective groan when they hear the phrase “course selection”. I am a second year student here on campus, but technically a junior due to all the AP classes I took in high school. While that is exciting that I get to skip a year, it is also terrifying that I get to skip a year. Trying to ensure I graduate on time is no easy task.

First off, it seems as though every class I want or need fills up an hour to my enrollment period. Let the last minute scramble to find classes to get you to “full time” student enrollment status, begin! Ultimately this leads to us having to take a class on dinosaurs or a class on the study of camping.

Second, taking all these filler classes and prerequisites means staying in school longer. Don’t get me wrong, I love campus and the instructors, but I would like to leave some time soon. Here is my advice for y’all:

Choose your classes wisely! This includes knowing what the prerequisites are to those classes as well.

Meet with advisors because they make life a ton easier.  Plus you get a free pen for talking with them.

Treat yourself to an ice cream after finals and course selection. If you’re lactose…I apologize.

I wish you a smooth course selection process, a productive dead week and a happy summer! I keep hearing that all the stress will be worth it in the end, so let’s plow through these last two weeks and recharge during summer to start the next semester strong. For you seniors graduating this semester, you rock! Despite all the stress, tears, and sleepless nights it was your dedication (with a little support from caffeinated drinks) that got you to this point. We’ll miss you all, but have fun living your post-college lives!

Angelina DJ on KSSU


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