OverwatchOverwatch has taken the world by storm, I don’t know any gamer’s who are not interested in the new game by Blizzard. I generally don’t get into games like I used to; 12 hour marathons fueled by spicy Cheetos and Mountain Dew. These days I take things much more casually, and interestingly enough Overwatch works great for gamers like me. Each round only seems to last for a few minutes, and the button scheme is extremely simple giving you around 5 different abilities to remember for whichever hero you use. For anyone who has picked up World of Warcraft lately this may seem like an extremely contrary experience to the vast layouts, user interface, and button schemes that has evolved in the world of Warcraft.

Overwatch is a multiplayer FPS that doesn’t follow the pay to play scheme so many games are using these days, instead it’s more like league of legends where you can purchase things in store. Where as LOL may allow you to purchase skins or currency directly, blizzard allows you to purchase “loot crates” with real world money, but you can also win a loot crate on level up. Loot Crates will give you a random chance at a new skin for a character, or a new spray, or voice line. Spray’s aren’t unique to Overwatch but it’s my first time encountering them. If you’re using the PC version of the game pressing ‘t’ will allow you to use whatever spray your character has equipped which may be unlocked with winning them randomly through loot crates. The spray is basically just allowing your characters to place graffiti on walls, most sprays are unique to individual characters except for some generic Overwatch sprays that any character can use.

Unlike a lot of games these days, instead of customizing your own character you will take control of an already existing “hero” not unlike league of legends. The game does allow a bit of customization through skins, sprays, and voice lines aforementioned in the previous paragraph. This doesn’t affect any of the game play though, everyone is basically on an even playing field using the base player stats.

I’ve played for a total of 2-3 hours, but i’ve found that skill sets gained in other fps games seem to transfer well. This makes picking up the game particularly easy since you really only have 5 skills to learn about whatever hero you choose to go with. No matter what your play style is Overwatch seems to accommodate. You can even play pacifist and support your friends, healing them up while they deal with the defense/damage.

My name is Chris Diel and I’m a DJ with KSSU


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