The Convenience Store Pickle

107979219Why has the time of the convenience store pickle come and gone? A symbol of a time gone by, the imagery invokes memories of old time burger joints, learning to ride a bicycle, and other general childhood shenanigans. They would hand it to you in wax paper for some reason. It seems these days, all we can hope for are those vacuum sealed pickles in the stores that feel all too commercialized. They aren’t half bad, but it feels like a step back from a time when things were simpler. The joys of childhood gone past are truly disappearing; not just for the nostalgic filled adults of today, but for our future children as well.

Now I’m certain there have been good reasons for the loss of this jar. Surely, it was some sort of breeding ground for bacteria; or maybe society just got scared that it may become one. I’m not in the know on this one, and normally I’d look up a bunch of articles to find the truth. But this article isn’t about why they’re gone. It’s more about the changing of the times, and the loss of the past. As we grow, society grows with us, and it is only through memories that these little facets of our lives are really preserved.

You can still find pickles in local convenience stores in the vacuum sealed packs as it seems like not everyone has experienced the joy of these things though. If you haven’t had the opportunity, I’d suggest doing yourself a favor and getting one on a hot day. Of course, this could just be nostalgia speaking. But when I get one, memories come flooding back. The joy of the past is relived, so I guess it isn’t much different from people who collect things from when they were younger. Maybe I’m just having a hard time letting go of the past; or it could be that they’re delicious. I recently heard that you can purchase these things in Texas at the movie theater’s there. I believe this is a worthwhile tradition that the whole country should adopt.

I’m not sure if this article is aimed at the loss of those jars of pickles so much as it’s a rant about the changing of the times. Sure they were good, but if you’re dead-set on it, they do have the vacuum sealed ones at most grocery stores/gas stations these days and the flavor isn’t bad. Although, I have to admit, the spicy ones may be a little hotter then I’d like; and being a die hard fan of spicier foods, that is saying a lot. I do still get them though. All of this is really more of a reminder that society keeps changing with the times, and although this is inevitable, it’s nice to sit back with a memento of your childhood and remember simpler times. Maybe we all get sentimental with age, but sometimes you have to look up and smell the flowers.

Also, they’re like really good.


My name is Chris Diel and I DJ on the radio, at KSSU. Come listen to me, if you like Metal, alt/indie, blues, country, EDM, and sometimes hip hop. I’ll play just about anything. I also talk sometimes.


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