2016 NFL Predictions from Noah, Albert and Alec

The NFL is back and recently on Noah Alvarez’s show “Double Coverage”, Noah, Albert Delgado and Alec Romero shared their predictions of this upcoming 2016-17 NFL season with records, playoff picks and who is going to take it all this season in Super Bowl LI. Down below you will see every team name followed by Noah’s record predictions, Albert’s record predictions and Alec’s record predictions. Each prediction is followed by what place (first, second, third or fourth) each team is picked to finish within their respective divisions.



Giants: 10-6 (second), 12-4 (first), 8-8 (second)

First season without Tom Coughlin and how much more does Eli Manning have?

Cowboys: 4-12 (third), 10-6 (second), 8-8 (first)

Tony Romo out six to 10 weeks and a rookie quarterback Dak Prescott running the show. The best quarterback out of the four NFC East teams wins this division.

Redskins: 11-5 (first), 6-10 (third), 6-10 (third)

RG3 days are over and defense needs work. Would be very surprising if they finish the season over .500

Eagles: 3-13 (fourth), 2-14 (fourth), 4-12 (fourth)

Carson Wentz named starting quarterback, Sam Bradford traded away and new head coach. They will most likely finish last in this division.



Packers: 12-4 (first), 15-1 (first), 14-2 (first)

They have very manageable schedule and Jordy Nelson is back after missing all of last season. Look for them to finish first for the fifth time in the last six seasons.

Vikings: 10-6 (second), 11-5 (second), 10-6 (second)

Teddy Bridgewater out with injury, Bradford in after trade. They will take one of the NFC wild cards spots. Remember they did win this division last year.

Lions: 9-7 (third), 3-13 (third), 5-11 (fourth)

Calvin Johnson “megatron” is gone; Mathew Stafford keeps improving, but he needs more options on the offensive end.

Bears: 5-11 (fourth), 2-14 (fourth), 5-11 (third)

Jay Cutler locked in until 2020, should the Bears front office start regretting this decision?



Panthers: 13-3 (first), 14-2 (first), 14-2 (first)

Panthers will be best team in football for a majority of the year, Kelvin Benjamin is back but they have a tougher schedule compared to last year.

Buccaneers: 9-7 (second), 8-8 (second), 7-9 (third)

Jameis Winston still young, new head coach. Maybe a draft pick or two away from contending in this division.

Saints: 4-12 (fourth), 7-9 (third), 7-9 (second)

Calling it now this is Sean Payton’s last year as head coach, how much longer can the team hold on to the Super Bowl championship won seven years ago?

Falcons: 6-10 (third), 2-14 (fourth), 6-10 (fourth)

Patrick DiMarco and Julio Jones. They shouldn’t be predicted to finish with this type of record but is Matt Ryan becoming the problem?



Seahawks: 13-3 (first), 14-2 (first), 13-3 (second)

Marshawn Lynch “beast mode” has retired which means another key piece on the Super Bowl championship team is gone but they will still make the playoffs.

Cardinals: 12-4 (second), 13-3 (second), 13-3 (first)

Fought their way to the NFC Championship last year only to be met by the 15-1 Carolina Panthers. They will come back strong and either win the division or take one of the NFC wild card spots.

Rams: 1-15 (fourth), 5-11 (third), 4-12 (third)

Back in LA, back in the coliseum but unfortunately back to the bottom of this division.

49ers: 3-13 (third), 1-15 (fourth), 3-13 (fourth)

Toughest schedule in football, new head coach and no high hopes.


Patriots: 13-3 (first), 11-5 (first), 11-5 (first)

Brady out for the first four games but the Patriots will continue their long streak of winning this division.

Jets: 9-7 (second), 9-7 (third), 6-10 (second)

Is this team ever going to have a stable and productive quarterback?

Bills: 8-8 (third), 10-6 (second), 4-12 (third)

I like their quarterback, their defense and the head coach but they’re still a few seasons away from contending with a young roster.

Dolphins: 8-8 (fourth), 9-7 (fourth), 4-12 (fourth)

One of the top ten defenses in football, but they need a better running game and another receiving option. Arian Foster is past his prime.



Bengals: 12-4 (first), 13-3 (first), 9-7 (third)

Bengals have a difficult schedule, they lost a very good offensive coordinator in the offseason and their window is closing to be strong contenders in the AFC.

Steelers: 10-6 (second), 12-4 (second), 13-3(first)

The heat is on head coach Mike Tomlin to make a legitimate push into the playoffs this year or the Steelers might start looking elsewhere for a new head coach.

Ravens: 7-9 (third), 6-10 (third), 12-4 (second)

They still have one of the top defenses in the NFL and Flacco can still surprise. Look for them to contend for a wild card spot.

Browns: 3-13 (fourth), 2-14 (fourth), 2-14 (fourth)

Well at-least the Cavaliers won the championship and the Indians will most likely make the playoffs.


Colts: 9-7 (first), 10-6 (first), 14-2 (first)

Andrew Luck will have an MVP caliber season. They will bounce back from a tough season last year.

Texans: 7-9 (third), 8-8 (second), 6-10 (third)

J.J. Watt is one of the best in the game, but his team won’t sneak into the playoffs again.

Jaguars: 9-7 (second), 6-10 (third), 5-11 (fourth

They are improving every year with this young team but this is still too tough of a division.

Titans: 2-14 (fourth), 3-13 (fourth), 8-8 (second)

The front seven on defense is one of the best in football, but the offense needs work with a young Marcus Mariota at quarterback.


Chiefs: 12-4 (first), 13-3 (first), 8-8 (third)

Alex Smith still has maybe a few years left in him and Andy Reid can still put in work. They have a strong chance at contending for a playoff spot once again.

Raiders: 11-5 (second), 8-8 (third), 12-4 (first)

This will be a turnaround year for Oakland with Derek Carr at quarterback. They will make the playoffs this year.

Broncos: 9-7 (third), 9-7 (second), 5-11 (fourth)

Manning’s gone and they’ve had too many changes in offseason. Still have Miller, Talib and Ware on the defensive end but it won’t be enough for them to contend for another super bowl

Chargers: 2-14 (fourth), 2-14 (fourth), 10-6 (second)

If injuries don’t plague them again, they will be the most improved team in football at 10-6. However, if injuries are a factor again this season they will finish at 2-14.




NFC Wild Card: (5) Cardinals over (4) Redskins

NFC Wild Card: (3) Packers over (6) Giants


NFC Divisional: (5) Cardinals over (1) Seahawks

NFC Divisional: (2) Panthers over (3) Packers


NFC Championship: (2) Panthers over (5) Cardinals

AFC Wild Card: (5) Raiders over (4) Colts

AFC Wild Card: (6) Steelers over (3) Chiefs


AFC Divisional: (1) Patriots over (6) Steelers

AFC Divisional: (2) Bengals over (5) Raiders


AFC Championship: (1) Patriots over (2) Bengals



NFC Wild Card: (5) Cardinals over (4) Giants

NFC Wild Card: (3) Panthers over (6) Vikings


NFC Divisional: (5) Cardinals over (1) Seahawks

NFC Divisional: (2) Packers over (3) Panthers


NFC Championship: (2) Packers over (5) Cardinals

AFC Wild Card: (5) Steelers over (4) Colts

AFC Wild Card: (3) Patriots over (6) Bills


AFC Divisional: (5) Steelers over (1) Chiefs

AFC Divisional: (3) Patriots over (2) Bengals


AFC Championship: (3) Patriots over (5) Steelers



NFC Wild Card: (5) Seahawks over (4) Cowboys

NFC Wild Card: (3) Cardinals over (6) Vikings


NFC Divisional: (1) Packers over (5) Seahawks

NFC Divisional: (2) Panthers over (3) Cardinals


NFC Championship: (1) Packers over (2) Panthers

AFC Wild Card: (4) Patriots over (5) Ravens

AFC Wild Card: (6) Chargers over (3) Raiders


AFC Divisional: (1) Colts over (6) Chargers

AFC Divisional: (4) Patriots over (2) Steelers


AFC Championship: (1) Colts over (4) Patriots



NOAH’S SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Carolina Panthers over New England Patriots

ALBERT’S SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Green Bay Packers over New England Patriots

ALEC’S SUPER BOWL PREDICTION: Green Bay Packers over Indianapolis Colts


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