ASI? What’s that?

csus_asi_logoDid you know that each month ASI hosts a legal aid to give free one-on-one information to students? Did you know that their is a collection of students that work year round to advocate for student rights and access to a quality education? Did you also know, ASI runs the on-campus Food Pantry for students in need?

The truth is, you might have known these things, but you might not have. There are many things that ASI offers students on campus that you may not have known even existed, but have the opportunity to utilize every day. Associated Students Incorportated, or ASI for short, is a 501c3 non-profit corporation. “501c3” is a fancy financial classification that puts the organization into a non-profit category according to its size. ASI is run for students and by students. Each student at Sacramento State pays $66 into ASI every semester in order to run the various programs and services that it hosts such as the ASI Aquatic Center, Safe Rides, Peak Adventures, KSSU radio, the on-campus Food Pantry, ASI Children’s Center, and many more. Not only do they run programs and services that any and all students can utilize, but ASI also hosts events to bring the campus community together. Last month, ASI hosted its annual Block Party where students could interact with on-campus resources, play games, win prizes, eat food, and enjoy great music. All students are invited and encouraged to take advantage of events and resources ASI provides to add to their quality of life during their college career.

Not only are these ASI programs and services your resources, but there are ASI reps that are resources as well. At the heart of this organization is student representation on the ASI Board of Directors. The board is comprised of students and on-campus representatives and advisors that make decisions in order to help drive the campus community forward and be a voice for students. The structure of the board is fairly standard. There are 8 students elected by their peers to represent a particular college/population on campus (ex. College of Arts & Letters, College of Business Admin, Graduate Studies etc.). These individuals work closely with the Dean of their college, the clubs/organizations affiliated with the college, and their students in order to help make appropriate decisions on their behalf. Also on the board are 5 executive officers (President, Executive VP, VP of Finance, VP of University Affairs, VP of Academic Affairs). These executives work with the college directors on the board to move the organization and campus forward as a collective force.

At any point in your career here at Sac State, if you need help scheduling classes, you want to start a club, you need a help from a student that understands your needs, or you simply want to get involved, reach out to a board member! These students are here for you. Each week they host office hours in the union and around campus specifically to be there for you to access. They go to committee meetings, they go to club meetings, events, fundraisers, rallies, all to better serve students. Be sure to reach out to them, they are there for you.

In order for you to get a better idea of the wide breath of programs, services, and resources ASI provides to Sac State students, stay tuned each week to learn more about what ASI is really about and the people that work so hard to better the lives of students.

If you are interested in getting involved in ASI or have any questions, check out the ASI website at or contact me at for more information.







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